Quick Trip Update: Mr. Wild Camper and the Holy Tractor

Arthur Oliveira @mrprofessorDecember 2018 ยท 5 min read

Hoooooorray readers! This will be a quick series to update during the cycling - The restart!

Current Position: Padova in Italy.

Leaving my cozy bathroom accommodation on that somehow gray and foggy morning was not easy; of course not for the comfort of sleeping in there at all , but because outside was outrageously cold and the bathroom had heaters on, which made the whole situation less terrible. Yet, eventually I left and found the way to the supermarket to resupply and carry on with the journey.

At that point I was in Hartberg, a small town south of Vienna, the restarting point of the trip after freaking out with the snow and headwinds on the mighty Euro Velo 13. I was again on the Euro Velo 9 following the many kilometers inside dark forests full of loggers and muddy trails that provided quite a lot of fun when you are riding a tough mountain bike.

The day was still not promising and clouds were covering the sky on the first day of cycling towards Slovenia, just to balance with the good energies coming from the forests; a perfect opposition to the boring farmlands I had been cycling through before.


Mr. Wild Camper and the Holy Tractor

Forests are a great source of positive energy, something good that goes through our body no matter how cold it is, there's that sense of feeling energetic and motivated - do you feel the same? They are also the best wild camping spots you can ever find - protected, away from hassle and with plenty of space to put a tent. The farmlands on the other hand, are generally flat and private, everyone will see your sparky tent, unless you find a bush.

In Austria, finding a forest to wild camp is not difficult, they are everywhere and there are all sorts of side roads and trails used by loggers. It's just a matter of exploring, having a good eye to pick the best spot and having common sense as to where you'll camp, because most of the forests have loggers working all day and some tractors passing by; other, more isolated forests, can have hunters and wild animals.

This is the fun about wild camping, you never know what to expect and finding the perfect spot is just like playing hide and seek without hiding too much, or you'll either be runned over by a tractor or wake up with a big tree falling over your tent. You don't want to be seen though, perhaps just a little bit.


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The Holy Tractor

However, while packing on that sunny morning I heard the terrifying sound of a mighty tractor. It was approaching and the uncertainty of not knowing if I'd run into problems was sending shivers through my spinne. I have to act normal, pack and go - I thought. Even though I was somehow protected by trees from all the sides, there was no way that the logger wouldn't see me there. What if he comes here to ask what I'm doing? - I was thinking.

The sound got louder and louder when I finally decided to pretend I had no clue about the rules against wild camping. I grabbed my camera and got out of the bushes to photograph the tractor, which is one of my passions. I couldn't believe, coming out of the woods, there it was - The Holy Tractor, with all the sun rays empowering its magestic glory, one of the rarest and not evil species of tractors. From that moment on I knew the days would be better, The Holy Tractor had brough the happiness back and the sun was out again.


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The Sun is Back

The following days after the encounter with the Holy Tractor were bright and sunny, the contours on the hilly landscape provided an outstanding eyesight of the horizon. Following the ups and downs of the road felt great on the pedals and I had something to see, not just endless flat farmlands.



The pace continued strong on the saddle, kilometers flew past as I stopped here and there to photograph and the ultimate goal to reach Slovenia, after one month on the road, now seemed reachable.

Would it be warmer? Colder? Would the even higher mountains stop me? I didn't know, but the enthusiasm of approaching a new country completely gave me a boost to keep on going on those last days in Austria. But let's reserve the story for the upcoming episodes of the saga.

Come with me ladies and gentleman! Are you enjoying?

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Disclaimer: ย The author of this post is a convict broke backpacker, who has travelled more than 10.000 km hitchhiking. Following him may cause severe problems of wanderlust and inquietud. You've been warned.

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You have been on the road for quite some time! Well done! ๐Ÿ‘

I've seen a few posts come through about your time cycling in Europe, but I have to be honest and say haven't read any of them apart from this one. So, where has your journey taken you and what's next?


Heeeeeeeeyho @travelling-two! The posts are following some weird order, they are in order of events but they are being uploaded with a delay from my actual position.

I'm now in Padova, north of Italy. I'll head East to West following the Pรณ river up to Turin. So far I have cycled from Krakow (Poland) all the way to here, which includes Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia.

It's been almost two months now, I started on 12th of November.


Heyyyy! Nice to hear back from you!

Wow, what a journey and a great plan. It must be different seeing those countries from a bike and nature point of view rather than sightseeing the capital or touristic cities/spots. Is there an end destination in sight? Or just going until you feel like stopping?


It's awesome, each one of them have its unique touch on the landscapes, plus the villages change quite a lot from one to the other. I love the chaotic constructions on small villages on the more eastern countries, Austria and Czech Rep. it's all so organized aahahau

I run out of Schengen Visa at the end of January, so after Turin I'll go to the UK by train, mainly because I won't have time to get there by bicycle. The plans are to stay around the Uk until April or something, at least until temperatures get warmer.


Ah nice and you can be in the UK without any issues? If you are ever in the south of England or London as Ill be based there eventually, let me know and I'll take you around to some spots ๐Ÿ˜Š


That would be epic, yes, I get 6 months of Visa in the UK. So, I'll be around for quite a while, we gotta meet at some point for sure.


I really like your style of story telling...loved The Holy Tractor :))


Oh that's sweet, thanks for the comment! Well, you know how terrifying it is to hear a tractor when we are wild camping, right? Fortunately that one came from heaven hahahah

Freja Fri @frejafriDecember 2018

i love your approach to the sound of the tractor! that was probably what made it holy ๐Ÿ˜ƒ so beautiful!


hihi you have no idea how terrifying to hear tractors on those forests, because if there's a tractor, it means theyh are going to cut trees down, and we don't one falling over the tent!

Thanks for dropping a message! Super awesome new year full of adventure!


Great write up! Love that pic of the "holy tractor". Here's wishing you warm weather, sunshine, and no flat tires :)


Wohoo, coming from you sounds like a great compliment, Cpt.

I was happy that I only had 1 flat tire so far, so yesterday I had two punctures in less than one hour HAHAH


Beautiful photos. Did the Holy tractor have any messages for you?