I have discovered a new home to cross post my tiny travel adventures as I daily tour the forests. Steem keep growing, well now that I have been away for some good time and that am back, it's a matter of time before I fully picks up the many parts and making a full scheme of skills and new trends I need update myself with.

Here goes my 3rd day shots, mostly flowers thou some escarpment and ridges will at times sprout up.
You must have heard Kenya is the home to the earliest man, right? If not, let's just make it like you've heard it and it's true (half truth thou).

My original clicks
This day I did lay out a plan, to transverse three counties in an under 48hrs. The goals fell too far away from being achieved due to the complexity of travel plan seeing that it was more of a solo exploration which mainly relied on public transportation. That did not deter th edream much, so someday we'll revisit the dream and bring it into reality.

My original clicks
The following day I set out with a a team of fellow volunteers into a mentorship event and even thou there was several hours apart from the original day, still I made it count as part of the initial plan. So, some ostriches here and there along some nice sightings of the lake and a massive collection of hills scatted along (more on next visit).

My original clicks

To make the whole plan seem legit, I did embark on another solo hiking event in location from from where I had planed and it proved me wrong, to want to spend half a day climbing and descending a sharp hill that had no water source on tts feet. Well, the mission was accomplished amidst the mishaps of long treks, after all, that is what am made of.

Till next time when a solo exploration comes into reality, have a glance onto the beautiful Kenya.

Your local boy