Winter morning at Narayanganj was special due to getting new experiences at the River Port of Narayanganj.

This port is one of the oldest and busiest ports of Bangladesh besides, it is one of the major Delta of this region. This place is home of hundreds of Industries and the home of Shipbuilding in Bangladesh.

Basically I was amazed by the specific industrial activities whic is growing industry and got great potentials.

I never had a chance to tour by a Cruise Ship but it was a huge boat I was travelling by.

This is a a budget tour as I just had to book the return tickets from Dhaka to Narayanganj direct Small ship cost about a dollar and if you wish you could go till Chandpur with the same cost.

I'm adding Chandpur here as you would find bigher River and could enjoy really tasty river fish. You could choose to fry which one yiu like to have.

On this journey my purpose was to watch the both bank of the river to find the shipbuilding industry down there..

I've found one side of the river almost occupied for this industry and another part for various other kinds.

I've been there for few hours, started my journey in the late evening by one of the biggest boat available in this country, surprisingly I've found the boat got hundreds of Cabin for its customers and got few suites! Suites are well decorated along a well size living room come dining and of course attached bath with hot and cold water supplies. You will have a fridge full of drinks and available catering services on request. Although, these services would be expensive for this short journey but you always got the access for the food and riverview seating area as a budget tour. Besides, if you want to watch the riverview you shouldn't hire a cabin!

Coming back to the the point, this port is on the Sitalakhya River; just 35 kilometres away from Dhaka. Although Bangladesh has a well history of Shipbuilding since 16th Century but the country is doing really good in recent years and I've noticed it during my visit.

Thanks Everyone!