Wanderlust made me more adventurers!

I do travel more than five times a year and each time I do find things differently. All the Waterfalls are not the same neither the hills. Same sea looks absolutely different during each visit to the beach.

I could go to the Bay of Bengal and watch the Sunset each day of my life! Seating in the beach and watching the Sun for the last hour of the day is unique each day. While I go to the hill I do remember only my destination not the hard work to reach the destination.

My Wanderlust started long ago!

From the beautiful lake of Scotland [Loch Lomond](https://hive.blog/hive-184437/@mustavi/the-amazing-scotland-part-four-the-bon-voyage-to-the-loch-lomond) to the attractive lake of Bangladesh [Satla Beel](https://hive.blog/hive-184437/@mustavi/satla-beel-the-kingdom-of-red-lilies) each time I had different test of travel and each time the Wanderlust rises high to higher!

I’ve been England and visited many place but it was 2014 when I visited Scotland I felt I’ve seen nothing! It is a beautiful country and I had a chance to watch a bit of it, will not forget the The Holyrood Park [The Holyrood Park](https://hive.blog/hive-184437/@mustavi/the-amazing-scotland-part-two-the-holyrood-park) and the Loch Lomond.

After coming back home my Wanderlust rises and visited many places in Bangladesh. From St. Martins to Shatla and [Khoiyachora Waterfalls ](https://hive.blog/hive-184437/@mustavi/khoiyachora-waterfalls) to [Hum Hum Waterfall](https://hive.blog/hive-184437/@mustavi/hum-hum-waterfall) I have seen many places of the Southern part of Bangladesh and few more place across the country.

The best tour was to the wild [Trekking to the deep Bandarban Hill Tracts](https://hive.blog/travelfeed/@mustavi/trekking-to-the-deep-bandarban-hill-tracts-day-three) for five amazing days! There was no network and we had good five days with nature and nature loving people.

People living on the hill are very good and kind hearted. Each time I went to the deep hill area I found help, food and place to live at night. Amazing.

Not only hill but also each part of the Sea of the country is beautiful. I will never forget the millions of stars in the night sky during [Travel to the Bay of Bengal: End of Day One at Saint Martin's Island](https://hive.blog/hive-174578/@mustavi/travel-to-the-bay-of-bengal-end-of-day-one-at-saint-martin-s-island) it was just amazing and we have seen some shooting stars!

I have tagged many location so that people could go and have a look places I have visited. I love travelling and it is my hobby and passion. Hopefully I would able to go out very soon after this pandemic.

Thank you everyone! Take Care!!!