I do not know from where the name of the park (Zinda=Alive) came from but it is really a place where you want to be again and again. Alone, with family either way it would be one the best place to be.

Love to read? They got a huge library down there and you always could take your own books! There are several place where you actually could seat or lay down in the sun or in a tree shade, everything available there.

Around 20 people of my office started our journey for the place and we didn't have any idea about this place and we got really lucky to being the beautiful natural place.

A road with trees between two lake!

It was a beautiful sunny morning and was a little cold we started our journey from our office. Within an hour we have reached the place.

I just love their slogan “To build a better environment”!

It is a beautiful natural place where you would find thousands of trees, lake, green field and house made by mud, a beautiful educational institution, community clinic, library, and mosque and may more. You would find few tree houses and of course Zajac narrow road into little jungle what would end to a another lake, there are five lake I have found there.

Bamboo Bridge!

Nearly 100 acre land along 250 kinds of trees made the place attractive for everyone. Due to many trees and village like environment you would find many birds down there.

Huge Library Behind Us

This is basically not a commercial place and not a government work but the 5000 villagers of the area join together to make the place since 1980 and maintaining a good environment for the visitors. It is very close to Dhaka city at Rupganj, Narayanganj which is within 40km from any place of Dhaka and please book ahead for picnic and food. I found the food price is little expensive but you could always find many restraint at 300 feet road within your budget and taste and the park allow food from outside with little charge.

Mud House!

I wish I could stay for a night as the place is amazing and would be awesome to be at the Island joining a bridge in the lake during a full moon.

Precious Time!

The authority maintain the environment and keep it as natural as they can, we had a singer with us and they stopped us sinning loudly so that it would not disturb others, good thinking and we took it positively.

This is the place where you actually able to breath the fresh oxygen and important thing is that it is safe for family tour and kids would find many thing to do and would able to play football.

There are boats in the lake you would able to hire and you would find many places for being alone with your books or with your family, do not forget to take a sheet if you want to make a family picnic. You would find enough shade during summer time so do not worry about going their if it is hot day.

Really we felt alive again, such a beautiful way to keep the nature as it is!

Thank you everyone, thanks for walking with me! Please let me know any information required regarding this amazing place.