Thinking of traveling in the Philippines? Well, the country has a lot to offer; from beautiful mountains to different landscapes to crystal clear waters to magical lagoons to amazing amusement parks to nerve-thrilling adventures. The Philippines has it all! And you should include the Philippines in your travel bucket list. I tell you, the country is worth exploring.






Apart from the wonders of the country, what makes the Philippines special are its people and culture. There's something about the Filipino culture that if you get to experience you will say, "only in the Philippines!" Filipinos are hospitable so even if you are away from home, you can still feel that you are home. In addition, you will experience unique things that you can’t experience elsewhere. It is difficult to put everything in words but you should come for you to personally discover the country's uniqueness.

But before you pack your bags and start your Philippine escapades let me share some tips that are useful when you travel in Pearl of the Orient Seas - - - Philippines!

  1. The Philippines has two seasons -- wet and dry. The dry season or the summer season starts in late November and ends in May while the wet season or the rainy season starts in June and ends in October. This is the expected seasons in the said months but wet seasons may also be experienced in the months of November and December, in fact, typhoons usually come in the last quarter of the year! To be sure, before planning your trips, be aware of the weather forecasts. This is important so you will know what places are safe to visit.

  2. The Philippines is a tropical country which means you do not need to bring your winter clothing! ;) Bring light and comfortable clothes.

  3. Filipinos speak different dialects from one location to the other. The national language is Tagalog. But don't worry, most Filipinos can understand English. So you can still converse with them.

  4. Traffic is heavy in the cities, especially in Manila. So, be patient and expect that it will take you hours to arrive in your destination especially during rush hour.

  5. Modes of transportation in the country include LRT (Light Rail Transit), taxi cabs, jeepneys, tricycles, and grab cars. When riding a taxi make sure that you ask the driver to turn the taximeter on.

  6. The Philippines is a third world country, do not be shocked with the slum areas. And sometimes in the city, there are children and old people asking for alms. Be mindful of the country's Anti-Mendicancy Law.

  7. Filipinos are generally polite. But be also careful with pickpockets. I am not discouraging you but I just want to say to be mindful with your valuables.

  8. It is safe to travel to the Philippines. There are a lot of tourists visiting the country. But there is always a but, there are areas that are not safe for foreigners especially in the far Mindanao area particularly in the Sulu Archipelago because of terrorism, crime, and kidnapping.

  9. Enjoy! Try as many things while you are in the Philippines. Meet more people, eat more delicious foods, discover the treasures of the country.