I'll return to the story about the island of Bonaire , which was started and never told. And to be more precise about diving there.

Bonaire blue

Two things attract divers divers and water diving.
Almost the entire coast of the island is marked and described dive sites. And there are six dozen of them here. Which is very much for not the largest island. You can dive almost anywhere you like. Some restrictions on diving are only in the places of movement of ships. In the rest everything is up to you and common sense.


The fact is that diving here as close to its original form. You rent a car, buy a package for filling air-tanks and organize your own diving program yourself. Fortunately, most dive sites are accessible from the shore. The ability to dive in a group with a boat and with a guide, too, is, but it is not very popular. In my opinion, the boat makes sense only for the trip to Bonaire -Klein small island in the neighborhood and a couple of diving sites on the east coast, where it is very difficult to get from the shore.


And finally we come to the water. Water, still from the shore glows with all shades of blue and emerald. Under the water, color transitions do not go away, but only acquire a different character. These are shades of blue and purple. And the further you from the shore and from the surface the more transparent the water and the more intense color.

Bonaire blue

That is Blue. It envelops you and does not want to come out to the surface. Well, except to change the empty air-tank to full)