Finally, in our area it became warm and sunny. Birds returned and sing in full. Grass with leaves are very young and green. And this is a sure sign that you can open a new season of diving in our band. The water is of course still cold. But this is not the worst thing. The main thing is that everything that has got into the ponds with the melting of snow and ice is set back.


I have not reached the lakes yet. The nearest departure I plan only for June. Became already traditional in recent years, Valdai. But there is a variant closer. I look there regularly, when there is not much time and I want to dive. Podmodkov Schelkovo is almost always a working option.

If the weather is acceptable without prolonged rains, then the water there is more than transparent. At least for our reservoirs. If desired, you can find fish and stones, and trees with driftwood. I wonder how it is now?

If you want, you can even take pictures of people. And in and around the water. True, without a wetsuit, the pleasure is below average, unless of course you are not a walrus. All the same, pose in the water is not the same as ordinary bathing. We often see it as a quick run into the water with a yelp and screams. And then just as quickly back)

The water will warm up to tolerable values at best in July. But then the transparency will be completely different ... For all the time I remember only 1-2 seasons, when it was really possible to at least somehow photograph people. When the anomalously warm weather coexisted with less decent water. I then, on occasion, even worked the model myself)