A Day Out With My Mates

Neli @nelinoeva
· June 2019 · 3 min read · Bulgaria · #sublimesunday

Hot summer day. ☀️☀️☀️ I am staying home. Well I am sunbathing on the balcony before it is getting too hot and then I will hide in the cool room with the air conditioner. There is not much to do today, so let me tell you about my Saturday.

Each year our company invites the employees and their families for a day out with sport activities and entertainment. Usually the place is not far from the factory. The road winds on the hill and leads to secluded place. There is hotel with few more bungalows, restaurant and nice green glades.





But where are the people? The first that have arrived are sitting under the shades outside.


The tables were put in semicircle to form enough space for the dancers. The company is taking care for the entertainment and catering.



And there was a very talented young singer.


While we were waching the musical program, two clowns entertained the children.



Always there are folklore dances. Our country is small, but each region has distinctive folklore costumes and dances.





We, Bulgarians love our folklore and we dance. This dance on the picture below is called horo and it has different variations. There are dancing classes, where one can learn the steps of each variery of the horo. You can see people dancing on different occasions. Whether it is a wedding or a party , there is always horo formed and if there is no space enough, it will twist around the tables.



So, everybody who loves to dance is there.

To quench the thirst, there was beer without limit and for those like me who don't drink - plenty of water and soft drinks.


For the sport enthusiasts there is field to play volleyball.


I personally am not good at volleyball, but I was happy to see the table tennis and quickly found a partner. It has been a long time since I played table tennis, but it was such fun. I don't think anybody took photo of me playing. The songs and dances continued. After the volleyball was over, the net was removed and the football match began. I decided it was about time to get my lunch. The staff from the canteen has prepared salads and they were cooking grilled sausages and steaks. For the children there were extra treats.

The day out was reaching its end. Before we left I walked to the little chapel for few shots. It is just at the entrance, surrounded by trees.




The chapel was closed and I went back down the stone parh to the parking lot.


This day was not just traditional day out, but also celebrating our company's centenary. The factory was built 100 years ago and never stopped working ever since. Now it is part of big international group with century old history too.

This post is for #sublimesunday thanks to @c0ff33a.


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Wow what a great day out - a nice change from work at the factory no doubt. Do you speak such good English as a Bulgarian or do you translate your post to English?

Thank you! It was indeed great to spend some time outside the normal working conditions and just to have fun.
I speak fluent English and I use it a lot at work. English is the ifficial language for communication in our company. I have another advantage as my partner in life is Englishman and the official language at home is English. We talk in English even to our dogs and the cat, 😀

Thats amazing to hear! No wonder you speak such good English then! haha I would love if you would check out and subscribe to my story telling youtube channel. As an animal lover I think you would love the short stories too.

Oh, I will and I am on my way. Thanks for telling me about your youtube channel.

Thanks SO MUCH @nelinoeva..... please find a small gift in your wallet xxxxxx

Awww, what a surprise! You are so generous, thanks a million! ❤❤❤

My pleasure and thank YOU xx

What a lovely work celebration! You described and captured it all nicely in your photos! Well, all except you playing table tennis. 😉

I regret not to ask somebody to take a photo of me, but on a second thought I don't like very much to be photographed anyway. :-)
However all my muscles are stiff today after that game of table tennis. LOL

It was a day full of events and an opportunity to celebrate together. Very nice! Interesting ... in Romanian this dance is called: hora.

Once in Bucharest I was having dinner in a restaurant. There was live music and then I saw people dancing just like us. It is more or less the same in all Balkan countries I think.

Yes, I think the same and I like this.

What a cool place for a work outing and how nice of your company to host this with all the entertainment

I to would probably have gone for table tennis over the volleyball, I get to carried away with either but less chance of me injuring myself with table tenns LOL

Yeah, I am thinking like you that I could injured myself with other sports, knowing how clumsy ai am :-)

I can be a bit clumsy myself but I also don’t know how to take it easy so I would go crazy diving to get every ball and injure myself lol

WOW....looks like a great day had for all so nice to get together like that and good on the company for putting that entertainment on for you guys :)

It is a very nice tradition. We had really fantastic time and favourable weather.

It is nice to keep those traditional ways alive :)

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Of course ... we loved the post!

What a fabulous way to celebrate your work reaching 100 years old, quite an achievement and you captured all the days events perfectly - my favourite is the costumed dancers they are a very happy bunch!

It was quite enjoyable day and I had great time.
Thank you very much for stopping by. :-)