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Famed as a cosmopolitan destination amongst the Greek Islands and widely recognized as one of the great travel meccas. Little Venice is one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the whole of Mykonos. This is is a district located at the sea, famous for its picturesque medieval two and three story houses, which stand like a wall above the sea, and their colorful wooden balconies. from NCL Daily Report

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You can tell when you get older when you come to a town known for its nightlife and go straight to an ancient city of ruins to experience history instead of being in one large party! I am sort of a history freak and love to see structures that could tell amazing stories if they could talk. The great thing is that in Delos, an island next to Mykonos, has been doing exactly that for the last 150 years as archaeologists have dug it up. although they have only uncovered only 10% of what was underground due to erosion, earthquakes, and abandonment, they have been able to tie to the written stories of what was once a great city where more than 50,000 inhabitants engaged in trade and general life. Unfortunately, it all came to abrupt end around 88 B.C. when 6,000 Roman soldiers came and destroyed the city and half of the population while taking for slaves the rest. The island was never inhabited again!

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I was an amazing experience as the way many structures have been able to be restored to see a bit of how things were organized gave a vision of how we as society have evolved over the years thanks to these fundamental civilizations and communities that built thriving societies and learned to expand culture and traditions to others in efforts to improving mankind. It was also amazing to see how stories built society and beliefs as despite being a cultural melting pot, Delos was born out of the belief that the Greek gods Apollo and Artemis were born there. The story goes that they were born in the middle of a lake with a palm tree which happen to be located there still today! Amazing considering the fact that it is a pretty dry place these days.

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It was an efficient tour as it brought us back to Mykonos halfway through the day to enjoy the main island and its shops and restaurants. I believe that I got a small sign when we headed back as our ferry was named Orca which I plan on becoming in the future here on Steem! The trip back had some great views of the islands and the way they really present themselves under a summer’s sun as we were greated by the windmills upon our return.

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We got back for some pictures and shopping before having my first cultural shock of the trip. We split up with our group to stop at a bakery for some treats as we planned to walk the streets a bit before heading to the ship. However, we didn’t know that our friends decided to stop at a restaurant down the road to enjoy some seafood before leaving. They saved some seats so my family and I sat with them and ordered a beer. I decided to continue eating the treats as I had already started when the waiter came and rudely told me to leave as I could not bring food from another establishment to their restaurant (which I totally understand). I immediately stood, left money for the beer and left; while the other family who had ordered thought it was a joke. When they realize it was true, they also cancelled their order and left. Either it was a language barrier or a cultural thing but I could not see the issue with the situation. They would prefer losing a party of 7 spending money at their restaurant over one person eating pastries from the next door bakery rather than let it be. Maybe I am not ready for European life!

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I think the situation really spoiled the mood as there was still places to visit but we were hungry and tired and decided to return to the ship to eat and never got back off. The island was spectacular and a great visual memory to have. While the slight issue was an unfortunate event, I still believe Greece is truly a great region to create memories and celebrate humanity and life!

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