Re: R2R Travelogue 12: Redwood Forests of Northern California

The day I have been awaiting since you first mentioned it! These trees are nothing less than majestic! I can’t fathom standing next to one (you should post a picture standing next to one for perspective)! What an awesome experience and unfortunate that the weather did not assist either. Thanks for continuing to share the experience!

roleerob @roleerobFebruary 2019

Yes @newageinv, they truly are remarkable trees. Until you walk around underneath them yourself, it is really almost impossible to adequately express it. I only wish I had been able to experience it under better weather conditions.

That said, if I look at the annual rainfall, etc., we can both pretty well guess the weather I experienced is not all that uncommon. They are growing in that area for a reason. Lots and lots of water!

I did try a couple of selfies, but not "my thing" and they really didn't turn out all that well. The perspective question is a good one though. Note I have now added an edit for you! 😊