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Our ending destination of the cruise was Rome, Italy which is the most popular tourist city in Italy and 3rd most in Europe. There is really no real reason to provide an introduction of Rome as it could be the most infamous civilization of history given the influence the Roman Empire and culture has had in humanity and the world in general. It was a great port and city to end our Cruise voyage on as it gave us an opportunity to have some additional time to explore before leaving Europe. However, first we had to say goodbye to the Jade which provided us a great place to move and relax when able to do so. While it is not the latest, state of the art cruise ship, it provided what was necessary for us to enjoy our 11 days around the Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas.

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The ship arrives quite a bit away from Rome so the transport to the city takes about two hours. After we went for breakfast at the buffet for the last time, we headed towards the exit to get our bus ride into the City. As expected in many of the metropolitan cities, there was plenty of traffic which I really did not mind as it allowed us to enjoy some great structures along the way. In fact, we were taken around the Vatican City walls as it was on the way to our hotel which happened to be in front of the National Roman Museum. It was an older type hotel which still had its original elevator in use. The room was great and although it didn’t have a view, it was great to have larger space after being in the Cruise stateroom for 11 days.

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We immediately headed to the streets of Rome as we wanted to make the most of our one day in Rome before heading back home. The hotel is very close to the Colosseum so we decided to walk there for some photographs. I still recall that my daughter and I had a selfie together while she was in my arms during a tour there and wanted to replicate now to compare. We walk around it in awe and decided, as we have done all vacation, not to spend time in line to go inside. Instead, we took the opportunity to go to a restaurant in front of the Colosseum to see it while we enjoyed some more pasta. I love to answer my daughter’s questions regarding what she has seen in this trip. I chose to compare the Colosseum to a modern day Stadium although I did tell her that the sports played those days are very different. That led to additional questions that much tougher to answer.

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From there we decided to walk towards the Venetian Plaza but taking the Roman Forum route which was interesting as it felt like a maze as we went through it. We took an awkward path which led up to a siloed church that was interesting to visit given its location. The heat started to impact us but it was well worth it as we arrived at the Venetian Plaza. I have to admit that after being in Pisa, I didn’t think that I would impressed at another structure this trip; however, this was an amazement to witness. It was well worth the walk as it made some great pictures with the family. We stopped for a gelato to cool us down before deciding our next steps.

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Of course we could not leave a city without some shopping so we walk some more and found the pedestrian shopping road that led down to the Museum of Leonardo DaVinci. We visited a couple of stores and at the very last one decided to buy some Italian footwear that my wife has been watching for some time. The cost was more than I would have like to spend (and not put into Steem) but the reality is that she deserves it very much. I am often intense so capping off the promised family vacation with a gift was a great idea! That was more than enough walking for us to decide for a taxi ride back to out hotel for a break.

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After a quick shower and a break, we took up an invitation from our friends staying nearby to go for some dinner. They were staying at a nice boutique hotel at the Piazza Navona which is a popular spot for night life and restaurants with greats fountains and statues to enjoy while there. We decided to get off three blocks away at the Pantheon which is yet another structure that was impressive to witness. Since it was later in the day, lines were down so we took the opportunity to walk in and see it quickly. The Pantheon was clearly originally made with influence of Greeks and Romans but can be a visual representation on how things change over time.

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We finally walked over and enjoyed a night dining at the Piazza Navona where many other did as well. I cannot stop saying enough of the food in Italy only that it is sad that it was my last until the next visit. We ended the night buying some last minute souvenirs for the family back home. We then got another taxi to the hotel and on the way were able to enjoy the Venetian Plaza once more, this time at night. We also went by an Opera house which would have been a great idea if we had planned it ahead of time and with more time to spare. However, given the time we had and after 11 days sailing around Europe, I think the day at Rome was a great way to finish this family vacation!

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