Havey’s Australia & New Zealand Adventure Part 12 – Bay Of Islands & Paihia, North Island NZ

Nicky Havey @nickyhaveyJuly 2019 · 6 min read

The Island Life

After the activity filled road trip (and sea trip) from the previous blog, we stayed the night on a boat house in the middle of the Bay of Islands in the North Island of New Zealand. Today, we didn't have quite as much travelling to do as we stayed on the boat house cruise but there was still a lot of fun to be had! Here's how the day went when we were at the Bay of Islands and Paihia.


Well, if staying on a boat house overnight in the middle of around 140 islands wasn't enough then waking up early to try and catch the sun rise surely would be! Sadly though, the weather wasn't in our favour this time round as it was a little bit cloudy but it was still worth it to be out there on the deck, experiencing the tranquillity this part of the world gave us.

The Sun did it's best to poke through...

...but the clouds got the better of it although the red tinges add a nice effect.


Later that morning, as part of the boat cruise we were on, we had a chance to go snorkelling and explore some of the coral action that was going on underneath the surface. I don't have any pictures of it as my phone would probably disintegrate in the salt water but you get to see all kinds of fish, eels, sea urchins and beautiful patterns of the coral below. Some folks saw a turtle as well but I was a bit slow, flapping in the water with my foam noodle haha! The divers brought up a sea urchin for us to hold which was spiky but it felt a little weird as it was moving around in my hand!

It did get a bit cold in there though with water temperature around 16C and after 30 minutes, it was time to get out as a few of us were shivering! However, the Sun did make an appearance and we thawed out on the upper deck.

We snorkelled at the corals by those islands in the distance

Motuarohia Track

After we thawed out from the morning's snorkelling adventure, we were taken over to Roberton Island for a mini expedition to walk up Motuarohia Track. This is a short 15 minute walk (although fairly steep, you'll definitely feel it) up to the top of the island which offers amazing panoramic views of the surround Bay of Islands. It has changed ownership many times but it's believed that the first European owner, Roberton, bought it from the Ngapuhi chiefs in 1839 [Source].

The base of the Motuarohia Trail

As you climb up above the tree line, the views begin to emerge...

...until you get to the top platform and it really opens out!

Some of the surrounding islands at the top...

...and more at the back.

One of the coves at the bottom of the trail.

Back To Paihia

Sadly, it was time for us to head back to the mainland of New Zealand and say goodbye to our crew mates on the “Rock The Boat” cruise. It was good fun and they looked after us well but the tour must go on for us in the group!

Farewell to the Rock The Boat crew!

Some of the group members went off and did another boat cruise to see if they could find dolphins but for those of us who wanted to get acquainted with Terra Firma, we pottered around this little tourist town and hung around for sunset on the beach. There's quite a few bars and cafes to enjoy in Paihia as well as a supermarket to stock up on beer if you're so inclined! We decided to have an ice cream before sunset, chocolate of course ;)

One of the streets in Paihia with a good choice of cafes and bars

Sunset over the beach in Paihia

The colours in the sky make for a magical setting don't they?

Cringe Moment Of The Day

Well, I thought I'd throw this one in here because it was pretty "bleurgh" when it happened and everyone on the boat who witnessed it was "bleurgh" as well haha. You remember earlier on I said the divers went and grabbed some sea urchins... that was a part of lunch! Not only that, they showed us how seafarers and Asian cultures enjoy these high protein balls of spiky nutrition... specifically their gonads... ooooo eeeee!

First, the crew passed around a live urchin, you can feel it moving creepily in your hands. Then the dude sat down on his chair with a sharp knife and just cut it open in front of us, took out the meat that they eat and then asked "who wants a bit?" I think all 30 of us who were watching were a little bit "bleurgh"!! But then someone went forward and tried, said it tasted a bit salty but not too bad. A few tried it but I had to walk away, it was too.... bleurgh haha! If you want more information on sea urchins as a food delicacy, click here.

What a day it was and a beautiful place to explore here in the Bay of Islands of New Zealand. I hope you enjoyed this one and some of those views are spectacular! If you're feeling brave, enjoy a sea urchin...but I won't be joining you haha!

Until the next time, take it easy


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New Zealand is gorgeous, a cove embraced by trees which is well balanced. Very beautiful and are you a Lord of the Rings fan? You should have tried the sea urchin lol. We have a lot of those in some areas in our country and is said to be an aphrodisiac.


Yea it's a beautiful place indeed and we're just getting started on this grand tour of the land! I wouldn't say a fan as such but I've watched the movies and thought they were cool! Ah no I couldn't possibly have tried the sea urchin haha! I hadn't really come across them before so it was an interesting experience!


Those photos makes it loooks so lovely. It makes me want to go there in the future Thank you for sharing this with us!!!


Thanks a lot @sgbonus! The photos don't do it justice but it really is an amazing place! You must make an effort to go there 🙂


Ah, more beautiful parts of New Zealand photos, lovely!Definitely my next destinations after Australia!


Hehe yea @roselifecoach! It really is a beautiful place to visit! I preferred New Zealand over Australia but both are magnificent! Definitely recommend them both 😀


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Ah awesome! Thanks a lot @travelfeed and @elsaenroute for the awesome support 🙌🙏


We love your posts from down-under!


Thank you so much! Hopefully will have another one out tonight! Been enjoying reliving this trip 😊


How cold is it during the day? I assumed the water would be warmer than 16C tbh.


When I was there at the end of April, day time temperatures were about 14-18C.

The sea temperature Ranges from 16-19C in summer months and a bit cooler in winter months. More information about the exact figures are here 🙂


Fair enough. Thanks!


New Zealand truly is amazing! Just the atmosphere is amazing. I would also love to do the cruise to Antartica from there someday. Have fun in New Zealand! Looking forward to more posts from you!


It really is man! One day I'll go back there and hike as much as I can in the south Island (well what I didn't do this time round)! Thanks for checking it out!

I don't know much/anything about the cruise to Antarctica though. Have you been to NZ? Saw you're from the UK too 🙂


Ah! I have friends in both Australia and New Zealand and we chat often.
Your photos are great and it seems that you really enjoyed the adventures. Apart from the sea urchins of course.


Hey hey man! Ah you should try to arrange to visit your friends at your next convenience because it really is a magical part of the world. I'm basically cracking through all the places I visited in NZ and it's only just dawning on me now how much I actually did seeing as I'm only on day 17 of my travels and I've written 13 blogs!

Thanks for stopping by man! Hope you're well?


I am well thank you Nicky.
On my bucket list to pop in there sometime, but my first choice would be to see all of the old cathedrals in Europe.


Haha well there's plenty of old cathedrals around Europe my friend! You could lose yourself here with the history it has to offer 🙂


That's the idea my friend.
Enjoy your Sunday!


the beach looks awesome!


Haha yea man! It sure is, take me back there 😁




This post and your previous ones tells me that New Zealand is really the place to be!

What were you doing snorkeling with a noodle???? Dude! Get in there all the way lol.

You are pretty brave to be holding a sea urchin knowing that they are poisonous but then I guess it liked you if it was walking around in your hand.

And bleurgh for sure! I've only seen those things being cracked open and eaten on screen. And that there was ick enough for me so I can't imagine it live infront. I would have passed too.


You wait for the next 30 blogs meuf, you will be booking your flights asap!

I can't swim and have the buoyancy of a brick so I need all the help I can get 😀

They're poisonous? Now you tell me! 😛 I didn't know that haha! The diver just said hold your hand still then

It's a lot more unpleasant when it happens in front of you that's for sure


I had no idea ... Time to teach you about swimming!

Haha as if the diver never said any 🤣🤣😝 that's so wrong. But yes definitely hold your hand still!!


Maybe... I had an accident when I was 4 years old so it's a miracle I even jumped in to this water!

I just thought it was because they were spiky and sharp that you had to be careful with them...Oh well, I'm still alive thankfully!


Howdy sir nickyhavey! Hey those photos ain't bad for a rank amateur. With them emphasis on rank. Now if you could just get someone to do your writing for you then you might be able to put together a decent post.


Thanks for the positive feedback Lord Janton! I guess it takes one to know one hey lol


my pleasure sir nickhavey, you are very welcome. Honesty is what we need more of around here don't you think? Instead of all this fake boot licking? lol.


I wouldn't know, I'm not the one buying bid bots and fake rep scores Lord Faketon lol


You don't know if we need more honesty? Man, we can't trust those Brits for nothing!
Oh! That reminds me about one of your excellent posts...that treaty that the Brits made with the natives in New Zealand...do you know if the Brits held up their end of the agreement?