Havey’s Australia & New Zealand Adventure Part 5 – Great Ocean Walk (Shelley Beach to Parker Hill)

Nicky Havey @nickyhaveyJune 2019 · 5 min read

Rough Night...

It certainly was a rough night with jet lag, getting locked out of my room, trying to find somewhere to sleep and then the prospect of a long coastal trek ahead of me on the 2nd day of this Great Ocean Walk. Thankfully I had some matchsticks ready to prop my eyes open and I had never drunk so much coffee in my life haha! Still, I was as ready as I could be to get going on this hike.

Great Ocean Walk Day 2

Entering The Forest From Shelley Beach

The second day of the walking tour involved a 20km hike from Shelley Beach picnic area to Parker Hill Camping Area. Here, the path goes inland for a while as we enter the forest of Mountain Ash, which, we were told, are the 2nd tallest tree in the world (the tallest being Redwood trees like the Grand Sequoia).

Entering the forest

One of the tall Mountain Ash trees we saw on our hike

This walk started off with a steep downhill section to a river crossing before climbing up hill again. As we got down to the river crossing, we noticed some pretty patterns on the rocks. These little dimples form due to the slightly acidic rain landing on the rock and forming pools that slowly corrode it over time.

The river crossing at the beginning of the walk

Interesting patterns on the surface of rocks formed by rain

The climb uphill wasn't really that high in terms of altitude but you'll soon find out your fitness levels due to the steepness of the slope! One thing that struck me was how dense the forest was once it started plateauing. Trees in VAST quantities, the like I had never seen before as we don't get them quite like that in the UK. Pictures don't really do it justice (they never do though really).

The forest gets more dense the further in you go

Rejoining The Coastline

Once we navigated through the forestry, hills and slopes, the path rejoined the coastline at Blanket Bay, which is where we stopped for lunch. After that, it was a case of following the path as it meanders its way through the cliff tops and coastal forests to Parker Hill.

Walking along the Beach at Blanket Bay to our lunch stop

The coastal path leads through more thick forests...

...and opens out to a beautiful view point.

When we got to the view point above, we could see the rain clouds approaching, which "forced our hand" as we had to speed up our walking and head down to the cove for a short lesson on wildlife and how these forests formed - although it was cut short as it began to pour! Even the sea gulls were fleeing for safety as you can see below!

Seagulls fleeing the bay to avoid the rain!

Final Ascent

When you've done 19km of hiking, it was time for a well-earned rest. But wait, I thought you said it was a 20km walk? Oh yea, that's right! The final kilometre involved walking up 400 wet steps to where the bus was meeting us at Parker Hill to take us back to Cape Otway… eesh! Never the less, we made it!

Some of the 400 steps to get to the top!

Cape Otway Light Station

When we got back to our accommodation, the Cape Otway Light Station was still open which gave an opportunity to have a look around and learn a little more about it! It was built in 1848 and is situated off the infamous section of sea known as "Bass Strait" [Source]. Infamous due to the many hundreds of shipwrecks that happened in this stretch of water as it was treacherous. More on the light station in a future blog as we do walk past it.

Nowadays the light station has been replaced by a smaller, automated but more powerful light a bit further down the cliff face. The original station is mainly a tourist attraction with some great views at the top and it's open all year round except Christmas Day from 09:00 - 17:00 (around $19AUD for adults, $7AUD for kids) [Source].

Cape Otway Lightstation

Views from the top of Cape Otway Lightstation

Funny Moment Of The Day

Today's amusing moment came from a conversation I was having with one of the walkers about cryptocurrencies as he was a lawyer and found it pretty interesting. Then I started talking to him about all the music platforms out there that use cryptocurrencies to pay artists for streaming and of course, mentioned the @emalliance, steem and dsound :D So it looks like we have another new follower in to the space ;)

Well, that was tiring, at least we don't have a big walk like that again… oh wait, there's a 23km hike coming up in the next blog :)

Take it easy


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This was so beautiful ... the photograph with the mountain ash and ferns was the most breathtaking of all, but overall, the photos you chose and the way you write gave me the sense of adventuring right along with you-- well done!

Hey @deeanndmathews! Thanks for stopping by and checking out the blog, I'm really glad you enjoyed coming along the adventure with me here. It was quite an eventful day that day!

Have you been to this part of the world before?

20k dude. I thought you were slowing down a bit! It all sounds amazing.

And you have recruited a new follower and possibly a new crypto convert! Job done.


Haha what, 20k is slowing down right? 😂

I'll slow down when I get back to the UK, only a couple of weeks left now so may as well max it out (although it does feel like I have slowed down vs NZ)!

Got to spread the crypto word mate! People are interested I think but need an easy to use guide... I'll look in to creating a beginner's handbook for steem to help people come on board to the platform

Definitely! Onboarding people for Actifit has highlighted this very thing. It's just to damn complicated for joe public. People aren't going to jump through hoops unless it's easy and they have nothing to lose or it takes off and FOMO kicks in again.

Even a step by step guide at this stage has too many steps haha! Agree on that, FOMO or nothing to lose will get people involved but will they stay? You kinda want people to join for the right reasons and then get them in to a community where they feel they belong asap otherwise they get put off

I 100% agree. What usually happens after a spike? A nosedive!

January last year was all the FOMO's getting the hell outta dodge!

Slow and steady wins the race. Be it industry progress, public opinion, value etc

They'll come round don't you worry. We may be dolphins by then! That could be the next Only Fools And Horses saying instead of "this time next year Rodney, we'll be millionaires"!

Lol. My dad quotes me that everytime I talk about the @phctop3

Love OFAH 😁

Ahaha! Keep the faith mate! At least you can have that conversation with your dad about steem and top 3. My family look at me like a weirdo as soon as I mention crypto


It's a cult! It's Rat poison! (Warren Buffett) It's a ponzi scheme! It's a con! And my favourite one from my cousin who has made money in the financial industry "I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole!"

Eff them all! lol

How is the current banking system not a scam? 0.25-0.75% interest rates in savings accounts in the UK, flipping negative in the US so you lose money! Yet cryptocurrencies are the scam 👏 👏 👏 good one. Next!

It's unreal, isn't it.

That lighthouse looks so filmy kinda - I mean movie kind of thing. Amazing time you had here. Those patterns that rain made on rocks- I cannot agree it is done by rain, is it? I am surprised and related it to dinosaur times rain then :P:P

Amazing share buddy and congrats on your curie vote :):) well deserved :)

Hey @vibesforlife! Thanks a lot for stopping by and having a read! Yea I was surprised by the rock patterns and how they are formed too but it does make sense seeing as the land in these parts is pretty much untouched for thousands of years so that corrosion has been slowly occurring over time.

Unless it rains bullets of course lol!

haha yea unless its rain bullet :P:P

Lands untouched for thousand of years, sounds mysterious and interesting at the same time.

It's pretty untouched in these parts. If you get a chance for your next trip, well worth visiting! When I finish this particular section of my blog series and get to the main attraction, you'll definitely want to come here (hint, it's more amazing rock formations) 😁

hehehe i am looking forward to it. let me check if it is up yet.

Long time no speak! I've been following your Australian posts or maybe I should say that I was rather checking your photos than really following your trip :) Are you still there?

20 km is a long walk considering that you walked a lot in sand (I assume). 400 steps doesn't sound easy either :) I can imagine that it wasn't very easy to get out of the bed the next day :)

Thank you for sharing and have a good day, Nicky!

Hey @delishtreats! I've missed you my friend, I hope everything is OK with you? I remember you saying you had some hip problems a few months back on a hike?

I'm still out here for another couple of weeks but got lots lined up so these big blogs may go quiet again, may just be the micro blogs to keep things ticking along!

Most of the walk was on the coastal path so only 1km was probably on the sand for this particular section of the Great Ocean Walk.

It is never easy getting out of bed but there's a world to explore so that's motivation enough 🙂

Catch you soon!

A friend of mind was planning a similar route for his next hiking! Maybe he should take a look at your post :)

Absolutely send him this way! I have a few more blogs where this came from that I'll try to post over the next few weeks. Will be mostly micro blogs for the time being as things ramp up a little bit on the travelling front. Hope this gives some good pointers though!

Thanks for stopping by!

One of the best thing for a travel freak in steemit is that he could make a virtual trip to many places through travel blogs like this. Because I know there is literally no chance than one day I could be able walk the same path the you had in this post, even if I may visit this country. So on a personal note, this travel post and similar ones have relatively higher in its value.

20 km hiking through forest is good enough to complete in a day, btw was it a solo trip, must not be as it is dangerous to walk alone. (No group photos). Is that stuff with perforations is really rock? Acid rain and only affected in few rock pieces... Chances are less? Think so...

Pictures are worth to have a detailed look for. That old clock house really looks lonely and old without having anyone's attention..like a ghost house:.
The photo I liked is the one with tallest trees, the light or sky behind it shows how tall it is.

And finally, I too makes some travel and I happy to let you know that my post too featured at #20 of the travel Digest #537 by @steemitworldmap.
Appreciate if you can have a look if free...
Have a good day

Never say never my friend. There will still be a path and people will still be able to walk through it but the scenery changes with each day due to weather, coastal erosion etc. I hope you get to see it!

I walked with a group of people on a walking tour so it was a bit safer but there are still hazards along some of the way with wildlife but you just need to make some noise so the animals know you're coming and they'll run away 🙂

Yes that really is a rock and it was surprisingly smooth in those little dimples/pits. Basically, when it rains, the water forms together to form droplets on the surface and stays there for a long time. As it is slightly acidic, it corrodes the rock and over thousands of years it creates these little pits. Pretty cool! It's only because these particular rocks are exposed at the bottom of the river, they are out in the open so catch all the rainfall.

Yes that light station was a pretty lonely place and I do have more information about it as we did walk past it on the hike as well.

Congratulations on the feature of steemitworldmap too! I'll have a read through your blog.

Thanks for stopping by mine 🙂 take it easy my friend

Nice to read this which really looks like an additional note to your original blog. Few photos are self explanatory to get the feel of what you written like the lighthouse, The title of Ghost Light house may perfectly suitable for it. it seems

For those acidic rain and rock, I was wondering how many years it might had taken to get into this shape. If so you might be walked through another civilization: hehe

Anyhow nice to meet you here, Have a good day

Nice trip, stone with that marks is so amazing looks like some ancient rock.

Nice trip, stone with that
Marks is so amazing looks
Like some ancient rock.

                 - anaerwu

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I wouldn't be surprised if those rocks have been there for many thousands of years with the amount of time it must have taken for the rain to create this pattern. Amazing stuff really!

hi @nickyhavey
we are hardened travelers and posts like these only increase our desire to travel !! we also like walking a lot and these coastal paths that have the blue of the sea on one side and the green of the forest on the other reach the fullness of beauty. wherever you look it is wonder. your photos are amazing !!
congratulations and thanks for sharing with us

Hey @road2horizon! Legends! Thanks for checking out the post!

Yes travelling these last 2 months has been the best decision I made for sure. I visited places I never thought I'd see, learnt loads about cultures and the scenery on this part of the trip is amazing. If you haven't been on the Great Ocean Walk before, I'd highly recommend it. I still have a few more days to write about, ending up at the magical 12 Apostles!

Are you guys on the road now or you're looking for your next adventure?

oh yes dear friend, traveling lights up the eyes and oxygenates the mind! Meeting other people and other ways of living makes us lose a little of our human egocentrism that we learn in our society. Besides, of course, to show us beautiful places !! no, we've never been there, it's a bit expensive for us and we have to save a little before we go, but sooner or later we'll do it !!
Now we are in Portugal (see project www.workaway.info) in a vineyard learning the secrets of making good wine !! :-))
did you take two months off work and then come back?

You're absolutely right and learning about the cultures and history of the places you're visiting really gives some perspective.

It is expensive in Australia, you do need a strong budget or find work out here to help subsidise your travels. Cheapest way of getting around is a camper van and campsites but I'm not that into camping myself.

Ah awesome, enjoy Portugal and the wine! I've heard good things about the Algarve region for scenery as well if you haven't been already.

I'm still out here in Australia but I was only doing temp work at a company as I had already planned my travels but quite enjoyed working there and may have a more permanent job when I'm back. Fingers crossed! I've been in contact with them and they said they are working on a role for me for when I get back.

That is a solid day right there! My goodness those are some cool views. I can only imagine how awesome that must be in person. You are right, as much as the pictures turn out amazing it's never quite like being there. I appreciate you taking us along the digital journey anyway. We're all with you in spirit. :)

Hey @plantstoplanks! Thanks my friend 💪 yes some really cool views here and looking back at these pictures takes me to the sounds of the sea crashing against the rocks. I'm glad you enjoyed the vicarious experience here! Looking forward to bringing more to the steem train 🙂

Thanks so much for sharing this story with us, Nicky! I really love when I am able to walk along reading about the places you've been and moments you've experienced. By the way, similar to the lawyer in your text, every time I travel with a group of people with some unfamiliar, I tell them about steemit and there is always at least one registering on the blockchain :)
So, STEEM on! :)

Haha thanks a lot @lightcaptured! Great work on getting more people involved in steem too! They'll come round slowly but surely 😁

My pleasure! True, true. 😄🍻