Havey’s Australia & New Zealand Adventure Part 6 – Great Ocean Walk (Parker Hill to Castle Cove)

Nicky Havey @nickyhaveyJune 2019 · 7 min read

The Hiking Continues

After the crazy events that happened the day before on this hike, there really was no rest for the wicked as we needed to muster up the energy to traverse the next section of the Great Ocean coastline!

However, we were buoyed by the fact that the path made its way back to the sea and I can safely say that we all missed the sound of the waves from day 2! Just the small price to pay in the form of a 23km hike to navigate through but this certainly wasn't short of adventure. Let's see how this one went :)

The path makes its way back towards the ocean after Parker Hill

Great Ocean Walk Day 3

Cape Otway Lighthouse

The beginning of this section of the hike will seem to be a bit of a funny one as you'll make your way back past the Cape Otway Lighthouse accommodation (which is where we were staying at for our hiking venture) but that's the way the path goes!

Cape Otway Light Station comes in to view

We learned a little bit more about the history of this significant light house, starting with how the British government were warning everyone not to go to Australia due to the amount of shipwrecks that happened. Well, the Australian government didn't want people not to visit so they decided to line the coast with lighthouses, starting at Cape Otway. This would ensure that navigators could pass safely through the notorious "Bass Strait" and arrive at settlements in Melbourne, Syndey and beyond.

"Notorious" Bass Strait

The name of the stretch of water that separates mainland Australia from Tasmania is called the "Bass Strait" and is the shipping navigation equivalent of threading the eye of the needle. With only a maximum width of 150 miles (240km), a depth of 180–240 feet (50–70 m) and wild waves like in the picture below, you can see why this stretch of water caused over 1,000 ships to meet their makers [Source].

These strong waves would cause trouble for even the most seasoned sailor

Why didn't the ships just sail around Tasmania though? Well, if you have been on a ship travelling for many months across thousands of miles of sea in appalling conditions with hundreds of hungry men, you would take any short cut you can get. Adding another 3 weeks on to a journey by going around Tasmania was not an option as supplies would usually be running low. And before maps were created of the area by Matthew Flinders in 1804 (English navigator), these guys had to chance it [Source].

Getting To River Aire

As we continued our journey through the many coves, we were stunned in to silence when we saw a wallaby standing right in the middle of the path! I did take a video as well but I think I'll create some longer movies for you when I get back home to my little studio as pictures only give a snapshot of the moment but it was a very special moment!

We were lucky to see a wallaby right in front of us

There is a long downhill section that ends up at a bridge near the river Aire, which you subsequently cross before you get to the Aire campground. This is a good place to stop for lunch on the benches and be thankful that the long downhill section has sand underfoot because it lessens the impact of walking a lot!

Viewpoint of the river Aire as you make your way downhill

Cross over the River Aire via this bridge to get to the campground and your lunch stop :)

Everyone was pretty conked out at lunch time though - no doubt we were feeling the effects of nearly 50km of walking in 3 days. Although it seems we weren't the only ones conked out! As you can see, this little fellow was also needing an afternoon nap as well! If you have a look around some of the trees in this area, you may be able to spot some koalas in the branches :)

This koala was chilling in a tree about 1.5 metres away!

Final Push To Castle Cove

This is one of the tougher days of the Great Ocean Walk due to the distance of 23km with the constant undulations and the body is still getting used to walking such distances every day. However, you will want to keep going because the views at Castle Cove, particularly on the coastal section after lunch, is one of the most scenic parts of this walk (and it was one of my favourite parts too). Mainly because the sun was getting a little lower in the sky, which started dramatically changing the colours and the scenery as you can see in the photos below.

You'll need to walk down this board walk but take a moment to enjoy the views

Looking back down this coastline from where we've just walked

The sun sets at Castle Cove

The end of the walk at Castle Cove gives a glorious view of the valley...

Rest Day Needed

I was the "Tailend Charlie" this day during the walk, which meant I had to remain at the back of the group with the radio to make sure we didn't leave anyone behind. However, my tendinitis in my big toe was starting to strike back, I had a feeling it might have done and would need a rest day to help recover. This would allow me to see things from the "other side" of the walking tour, rather than just being a tourist, I could see just how much planning and preparation goes in to these trips. More on that in the next blog.

Funny Moment Of The Day

I gave the "Tail-end Charlie" reigns to fellow walking group member, John, after lunch but with our knee and foot problems, we fell behind within the first 5 minutes and there was a split in the path. I didn't need to call for help in the whole morning I was Tail-end Charlie but the first 5 minutes of handing to John, we had to radio the front walker to ask where we needed to go haha! We didn't let John be Tail-end Charlie after that :D

I hope you enjoyed this blog from my travels around Australia!

Catch you soon


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great pictures amigo! Looks like an epic adventure


Thanks a lot man. Hard to think this was 2.5 months ago already but great to finally have the chance to sit down and write about it and share the adventures 🙂


Stunning scenery my friend. Love it


Thanks a lot man!


Love finding out more things about the places you are visiting! It's been a pleasure to also see some wild animals out there, I'm sure they are making the journey even more entertaining and with more stories to be told :)


It's taken me a few months to find free time to write about this one as I ventured down the great ocean walk back in April now! Seems so long ago! But it's nice to relive the moments again. I'm just chilling now until I fly back home on Sunday so may be to get another out before then 😁

Yes there's plenty more wildlife wonders coming up but it was awesome to witness these animals in the wild 🙂


Such a beautiful place, the sunset look awesome!


Thanks @roselifecoach! It really is a beautiful hike. Can see why it's one of my favourite sections of the walk 🙂


I can see that too!


A great hike with beautiful ocean views. I loved seeing the wallaby and koala on your path.


Hey @redheadpei thanks a lot for stopping by and checking it out! Yes seeing the wildlife out in its natural place was amazing and you can see why this was one of my favourite sections to walk along!

Have you been to this part of the world before?


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Ah wow! Awesome! Thanks a lot @travelfeed and @elsaenroute! I appreciate the support 🙂


hey @nickyhavey, another wonderful post !! I don't know if I have already said it but these journeys on foot excite me, when you can you seem to be able to do anything, and moreover you live those moments every second, every step, every change of light. absolutely amazing! did you go to santiago in spain ??
congratulations again for your vote cuerie and always thanks for sharing your adventures


Hey @road2horizon thanks for stopping by and checking it out! I love hiking as it's great exercise and you get to be in amongst it all at ground level.

I've not been to Santiago though, only Madrid and Barcelona for business / conferences so wouldn't call them holidays as such. Is that where you are now? I'm still out in Melbourne til Sunday morning.


still a few days! enjoy the end of this wonderful experience !! we are now in portugal, helping in a vineyard. we did the santiago way two years ago and it was very interesting! I recommend it if you like walking and being in nature. it is very long but you can also decide to do only pieces !! ciaoooo


Thanks man, I've just been chilling out and resting as it's been pretty full on and not had time to truly do nothing so I'm enjoying it 🙂

Ah yes you're still out in the vineyards, hope that's all going well for you!

I like that idea of hiking around Santiago, thanks for the tip!


Lucky you didn't get missing after falling behind John. Beautiful shots and the plan by the Australians wasn't bad at all. They had to get people there amidst the shipwrecks.


Haha yea exactly, we didn't give John another look after that happened 😂 there are many sad stories with the shipwrecks, if you ever get a chance to visit Cape Otway Lighthouse there's a whole section dedicated to some of the main ones that happened


Would keep that in mind if I ever go to Australia. Next time John.


John is on call if you need a Tail End Charlie. Worth keeping that in mind too....


Nice one mate, looks like South coast of Africa, where I travel. Just found Travelfeed today.
Ps I also amateur dj prog psy trance - very popular sub-culture here in the Cape Town area.


It looks like I need to shake my shimmy and get on down to South Africa then as a few from the PHC are that way and have said a similar thing! If you write a travel post, use the travelfeed tag or their website as they are looking for all kinds of travel content and will support you too!

Interesting that you DJ psy trance. Trance is one of my favourite genres and I have a couple of progressive tracks that I'll be uploading and releasing when I get back to the UK! Do you produce music as well?


Thanks for the advice, I will use the travelfeed tag and aim to use the website.

I am an amateur dj, I learned to beat mix with cdj's, before the auto synch button came about, where you really needed to have a good ear and timing, but have never written any tracks. I once made a one hour set once just using free virtual dj software on my laptop, comprising of mostly Protoculture tracks, he is a Cape Town local who plays internationally, though is more House genre nowadays. I couldn't use headphones to beat mix, with the simple setup and only one sound card in the laptop in my set, so I winged it, and recorded it live, with lots of mantra loops, which I like, that I had arranged on the virtual dj platform, and a few voice samples. It has 45k plays so far over the past 4 years, thanks to the Indians in Delhi who seem to like the mantra trance lol. https://soundcloud.com/jasomati/hare-krishna-psy-trance-vol-1. If you come to Cape Town in the summer, you will be able to attend an outdoor psy trance event almost every weekend in the countryside, with up to 5/6000 people. It has been going on for 20 years and I was one of the pioneers who attended them all for a few summers for the first few years, getting to befriend the djs and organizers. I will probably attend one in early December again called Vortex Trance Adventures if you want to look them up.


Ah cdjs! I know a lot who still very much have those as part of their regular set up. I use pioneer ddj sb2 for my mixes. Try not to use the sync button myself, I actually think it knocks out the timing more than anything!

Haha bless those Indians, didn't realise they were in to their electronic music over there!

Sounds like I need to head down to South Africa one of these days on my travel adventures then, got a few people to meet AND a music festival to attend!

Will check out your mix tomorrow as I'm still shaking off the jet lag and want to give it my fullest!


Nice one mate, have a good rest.
Yes the Indian youth, I presume, are appreciating electronic music. They love music, as you can see in their Bollywood, lol.


Don't rest! Keep on hiking and posting, it's great!
Thank you :)

Best regards,



Aha, I had to rest mate but the next section I venture on is another beautiful one 🙂


Wonderful, looking forward to it! 🍻📷😎