Re: Havey’s Australia & New Zealand Adventure Part 23 – Milford Sound, New Zealand

Haha I would definitely do more hiking if (or more likely, "when") I go back to New Zealand and all of the South Island needs me to explore it and hike around haha! Just the cruise this time around though, which was more than good enough :)

Yes there's only one way in to it now and we're at the mercy of nature really. If she decides to landslide, avalanche or anything else then there's not much we can do!

Definitely a return trip. Hopefully steem will rise again and the investment will pay off and can use it all for travel :)))


Milford Sound is in a difficult area to reach, seeing it and enjoying the area you were lucky Nicky, when traveling in tours time is always restricted.


For sure it's difficult when you're against the clock but these tours are always like that. Cram in give you a taste and make you want to come back. It worked for me as I definitely want to go back haha! Next career break I'll be spending a lot more time there I think 😊