Re: The Cagsawa Ruins - Beautiful Sunday

Another superb journey you have taken us on here through the mystical bell tower overshadowed by the monstrous volcano! Perhaps it's good that you couldn't see the menace of it when it was surrounded by cloud!

The eruption you described reminds me of what I learnt about Mount Vesuvius from the infamous 79AD eruption that basically wiped out the city. People looking for refuge but got engulfed by the lava, pyroclastic flows and entombed in ash.

I guess the eerie quietness is fitting as their souls still wander around, searching for peace. I hope those that visit show respect when they do like you did.

Loved reading this so thanks once again!


Hey Nicky how's it going? I think it was the worst eruption ever recorded in our country. There was also a town close by that was also affected. About those wandering souls, some spirit questors felt a lot of suffering in the area. Stories of people inside the church that had their feet cemented by lava that has seeped in. It was a tragic chapter in our history and place definitely should be respected.