Pazin Croatia, a first look at this nice place.

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Here I am with another episode from my trip to Croatia, today we talk about Pazin!  Pazin is not on the coast but it was a detour that he decided to do because my boyfriend has relatives there. A simplified deviation since being acquired relatives (her sister-in-law is Croatian) Nobody spoke Italian or English.  We managed to make gestures with my improvised Croatian, mindful of a course of a few months followed on a whim at the university. It was not easy to understand each other but we succeeded. And Pazin proved to be a pleasant discovery for me that I had never heard of before!

Pazin is a very interesting country, although little known, above all it is located on the homonymous foiba, a fascinating sight if you do not suffer from vertigo, you can also launch with a funicular, which my brave boyfriend has tried and I would not venture to try even under threat! 

The sinkholes are like vertical caverns or in any case vertical spaces in the more or less extensive terrain scattered over the karst territory. To us obviously the term foibe evokes only massacres and in fact unfortunately after the Second World War these natural "caverns" were used to hide the corpses. Pazin also has the homonymous torrent Foiba and various caves to visit, immersed in a dark and dense nature in my opinion is a rather obscure but interesting country. Hidden among hills and thick trees, Pazin preserves a very wild nature and a rural way of life.

Pazin has a fortress / medieval castle that is very beautiful to see and visit around which meander several streets that flow on the foibe or in the woods. A very nice thing that I loved about this country is the fact that it is full of cats, real cat colonies are wandering the streets and everyone seems happy, in fact this is something that I noticed with tenderness and pleasure a bit throughout Istria, there are many cats undisturbed for the cities, not kept as stray but cared for and nurtured, a pleasure for the eyes and hands, since many have become accustomed to humans and are caressed without hesitation.

Pazin has undergone all of Istria the Venetian domination and some buildings still have a Venetian style, moreover it has been the victim of pestilence both in the Middle Ages and beyond. A country that has suffered but which has rebuilt itself on suffering, now there are many opportunities that Pazin offers, from sports to hiking. In addition, the caves can be visited and beautiful. As for me it was a very enjoyable stop on our trip, lunch with Croatian relatives was very funny and incredibly plentiful, even though we definitely drank too much honey brandy!

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jcsteem @jcsteemFebruary 2019

Beautiful post & captures!
Looks and sounds like a great trip you enjoyed.
Thanks for sharing & Steem on :)


THank you!


Terrific photo essay and travelogue.


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