The port of Porec, Croatia.

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As I mentioned, my boyfriend took his risk and give me his photocamera, I neophyte I try it in absurd photos, many of them quite ugly and unlikely.
During our trip to Croatia I threw myself and I took so many photos!

I swear, if the steem rises, I'll buy a new one camera, only mine.

Here are some of my photos taken in Croatia, today the photos taken in Porec in Istria, where we are staying. A small tourist village on the seaside, charming and with many activities to choose from.
It was in my heart, despite being a tourist it seems like being at home it 's a calm and relaxing place, but it is likely to be wasteful place if you belonging to the category of compulsive purchases / shopaholic, because in those stalls they sell really everything and at bland prices.

Attention to the change of coins, not all of them ( The change points) are honest, inform yourself well to change and money the most convenient cart!
However, it is a nice place to spend quiet time and there is a fabulous food bar on the promenade with lots of hamburgers and dishes at really low prices, especially for beers, a giant jug cost only 2 euro and 50.
In short, a place that I recommend you visit, even just for a walk if you plan to go to Croatia ^^


Here we are porec along the sea spread various stalls selling traditional liqueurs, including the Rakia, their delicious grappa with honey flavor.





Port scenes, people coming and going. The port under the sun is a very hot place!

Porec port is a place where many ferries arrive and there are many tourist ships that allow you to visit nearby islands or take underwater tours. On the port there are many foreigners who walk watching the bacarelle buying suovenirs, you can hear many languages, many Germans and Italians.

Lavender sellers are very appreciated, if you walk along the port you trpvi much, the smell of lavender mixes with the salty smell of the sea and is very beautiful.

I loved this lovely port and I hope very much to come back next year!



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Croatia 😊 Beautiful place




There are scammers everywhere. I've been lucky not to come across with them too often. Great photos... and yes, buying a camera for yourself is a must, if you like to travel. And I see you do! :-D


Really for changing money in a good way it was really hard ^^ Luckily we found some honest people too, the most honest were a bank not far from Porec ! Yes i must buy my own camera, about travelling, i love it, unfortunately actually i do not have enough money but i hope to have some money for travel asap.


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