Jazz In Bar in Saitocho – The best kept secret of Kyoto, Japan - #BeautifulSunday and #SublimeSunday :)

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This is my entry for the #BeautifulSunday challenge, initiated by @ace108. Thanks, my friend!

And I'm also posting today inspired by #SublimeSunday, a tag from @c0ff33a! Thanks!

Today I'm writing about the best kept secret of Kyoto, in Japan: The bar Jazz In, in Saitocho, near Gion and the Kamo River. I've told I would in this post!

Japan kyoto bar jazz in.jpg

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We were roaming around in Kyoto, by the river, seeing the cherry blossoms and the wonderful views of the area. Then we crossed the bridge located in Idecho to Saitocho. Saitocho is a central area of the city, where many interesting and popular bars and restaurants are located. It was after dinner and we were into finding a place to have a drink and enjoy the evening.

Japan kyoto bar jazz in-6.jpg

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We stopped by a narrow door, with narrow streets, with a sign saying Jazz In bar (see location on GM here). We had never heard about it (and still keep not finding anything about it when we Google it out!), and it was not on the list of suggested bars my son had got from his musician friends.

Japan kyoto bar jazz in-11.jpg

Japan kyoto bar jazz in-22.jpg

We don't know why something pushed us to climb the stairs and visit it. It was like entering in a time machine! Where the time has stopped!

A tiny place, full of memories, owned by Mr. Yamamoto for decades, and with the usual costumers, also since forever, that make this bar their second home in Kyoto: musicians, photographers, singers... all from around my age, not my kid's...

Japan kyoto bar jazz in-2.jpg

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Japan kyoto bar jazz in-24.jpg

There weren’t more than a dozen, even because the place is small, as I told you. And we came in like if we were aliens invading an intimist and private cocoon. Just look at the photos!

Japan kyoto bar jazz in-8.jpg

Japan kyoto bar jazz in-19.jpg

Nevertheless, they welcomed us like if we met long years ago: Michel, the French musician that spends more than half a year in Kyoto, every year, for its shows, Makoto Morioka, a photographer who showed us his photography book (the book is resident of the bar also!) of the Paris of the 70s... and some more.

Japan kyoto bar jazz in-28.jpg

Japan kyoto bar jazz in-9.jpg

And vinyls, vinyls everywhere! And the music of the local singer of the 70s playing, their friend, a beauty who committed suicide while young, Maki. What a voice!

Japan kyoto bar jazz in-30.jpg

Japan kyoto bar jazz in-10.jpg

To sum up, this was a unique experience we will treasure among our trips’ memories as a jewel.

My son(*)made another musician friend. I knew a local photographer with a long career I had never heard of.... and Mr. Yamamoto, a one of a kind host, you know that just by looking at him! A true reflection of his wonderful place, full of memories!

Japan kyoto bar jazz in-12.jpg

Japan kyoto bar jazz in-13.jpg

When you visit Kyoto, don’t miss a local beer at the Jazz In bar. You will love it, if you like this type of decadent, cozy and intimist places! We ended up visiting it almost everyday :)))

I hope you all enjoyed the visit :)

Original text and photos taken by me.

Thanks, @ace108 and @c0ff33a :)
Have a great Sunday, my friends!

Hippiesoul @nolasco

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Kindly subscribe his channel, if you enjoy his music :) Thanks once more and sorry for hijacking this post with tons of mother's love and pride for her son!



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