#MarketFriday initiated by @dswigle - Issen Yoshoku, Higashiyama-Ku, Kyoto, Japan

hippiesoul @nolascoJuly 2018 · 3 min read

Ufff, why should the Japanese names be so difficult to write and impossible to say? I would need 7 lives, like the cats, to know by heart a single one of these amazing places and markets I've visited there! Instead, I have to make a thorough investigation on them...


Japan kyoto 1st restaurant colorful 1-2.jpg

Here is my post today to the #MarketFriday, initiated by my dear Denise <3!
Since some of you were so intrigued about by my post yesterday on the Colourfulphotography Contest, by @photocontests and @juliank, my #MarketFriday today will be about the place where I've taken it :))

Japan kyoto 1st restaurant 6 food street.jpg

Japan kyoto 1st restaurant 6 food-3.jpg

It's not a market, technically, but a restaurant! It's called Issen Yoshoku, located in Higashiyama-Ku, by the river, near the legendary Gion quarter, in Kyoto, Japan. It's "almost" a street restaurant since it's open to the street and the first thing you see (and smell!) is the wonderful and appealing food they cook on open-air!

You have to wait on a long queue to be seated, and while you wait, you start to have a closer look at the amazing and almost crazy decoration of the place! Soooo many details you find out it's impossible to notice them all!

Japan kyoto 1st restaurant-2.jpg

Japan kyoto 1st restaurant  2 colorful.jpg

After a while waiting, sitting on a long bench so you won't get tired :)), you are headed to a table. But you are not alone, as all the tables have a special host to keep you company while you have your meal :))... a traditionally Japanese dressed mannequin!



And then it comes the menu: it's a simple one, only one dish, a crispy thin Japanese sort of pancake stuffed with the ingredients you choose. Like they say, a deep-fried batter with some fresh and yummy ingredients as you like. Simple, efficient... and delicious, as you can see and I have confirmed after tasting it! Also like they say, the taste is out of this world! Just see, doesn't it look delicious (and vegetarian ok ;)?
Aw, and also a very important detail, the dishes are inexpensive (in Japan EVERYTHING is expensive!), which is good when you travel with your family, so I strongly recommend it!



While we were waiting for the food (although the order was fastly delivered, it's a perfectly organized restaurant) we were enjoying the amazing details of the decoration. I could have stayed there for hours just trying to hold them all! So many and diverse interesting objects, so colorful! And it's like they were telling a story of their own about the place. Just have a look:




And then, already a clue about the photo yesterday. Are you seeing the ceiling? It was all covered by stain-glass illuminated windows painted somewhat like children drawings! They were amazing and also a bit surreal, mysterious and maybe a little frightening also! But so beautifully strange!



Japan kyoto 1st restaurant 7 colorful.jpg

And, finally, a pic of my kids. They are not keen on being photographed, although I always try to capture the moments for future memories... Margarida closed her eyes while I clicked... But that's the only photo I was allowed to take :D!


I hope you enjoyed the visit!

Thanks @dswigle, the sweet host of this wonderful challenge!

This is also my entry to the amazing Streetphotography by @photocontests and @juliank :)). Cheers to you too, my friend!

Have a great Friday!

Hippiesoul @nolasco

Proud to be a member of The Steemians Directory

Photos taken by me (iPhone X and Canon 5DMkIII)
PS: I know how to put iPhone photos right! Finally!
Cheers to all!



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Aw, what an honor and happiness, @travelfeed, it's so rewarding to have your recognition! It motivates me to do better each day! Cheers and THANKS!


You are welcome! We hope to continue to see great posts from you!


Thanks, @travelfeed! I hope I can do better and better every time! Cheers and have a wonderful week ahead!


Wow, so much information, so much colors, must be hard to take it all in at once!
And the food looked delicious too! All vegetarian ok? hahahaha
Thx for sharing! I really want to go to Japan, and reading about it makes me so happy! (like this decoration)

ptgram power


Don´t miss this place, you'll love it! And it´s cheap ;))! Thanks for passing by!


A very strange Japan revealed by your photos. Photos I appreciate so much. In my youth I was attracted to the Japanese culture (a small part of it, the movies, origami, ikebana ...) but now I am not so interested. Respectfully, however, civilization and people's behavior. In the place where I work now, the National Opera in Iasi (for a short period of time) there are many Japanese ballerinas. Some very special girls!
You have very photogenic children and I think they are very good children!


Thanks so much, @bluemoon! They are, indeed! It's so gratifying to travel with them! Japan is really special, and I loved Kyoto more than Tokyo. It's more welcoming. So interesting your job must be! The National Opera, wow, how splendid! Thanks for passing by!


With all my pleasure! I'm very happy to have guessed correctly. Children are the greatest reward of our lives.


You spoke the truth! Cheers, my dear friend, have a wonderful week ahead!


Thank you, wish you the same!


Awesome @nolasco, a lot to take in :)) I’d need more 7 lives.
The stained glass though, that’s cool


Thanks, @micscrypt! 7 lives, at least! Thanks for your comment!


Precioso post Isabel! O Japão é muito lindo e colorido, né! Deve ter muitas coisas lindas para fotografar. Eu ainda não conheço, mas está na minha lista de sonhos. Adoro a gastronomia niponica!
Boa noite! Bons sonhos!


Manuel, e no Japão a comida é tão boa! muito obrigada por ter gostado do post! Bom fdsemana!


Great post


Thanks so much :))!



I am over the moon with the eye candy - literally everywhere! What a wonderful place you brought me to and vegetarian too! Although, I do like seafood! Don't hate me! :)

It is so unusual to find anything affordable in Japan, especially when traveling with the family. Yikes! Talk about going for broke, right? Still, in all, what wonderful experiences and Oh! The memories! Priceless.

Those windows are so bold and the colors just pop! Almost in a cartoonish/carnival way - that is how I am thinking. Everywhere I look, there is something to see. Whismical, funny and very Japanese. :)

This was so much fun!

As for the mannequin, well, that made me laugh. At least you will never be alone! I loved your #MarketFriday post and frequently, as you know, I stretch the market part, but, sharing cultures is really what it boils down to. I love it and I am so glad you shared this part of your journey with us!

Thank you! Your children are so blessed to be so loved.

Upped and Steemed



Thanks, my sweet Denise! I knew you'd like this post, although it's not a market ;)! It is so good to travel with my kids, maybe even better than when they were little... It's a reward for being far from them most of the time! Loved your comment, and thanks for the rewards, always so generous! Big xoxo, my dearest Denise!


You are so sweet and yes! I love traveling with my kids! They hate being photographed for social media, but, I love snapping them for me!

My oldest daughter came with me! :)

I love #MarketFridays that aren't really markets! Mine are sometimes too! Mwah!


Oh, that's my dream, to make a travel with my daughter one day. A girls trip! You must be so happy, my dear Denise! Mine don't want photos for social media as well, but since they are not on Steemit (yet!) I take advantage of that, ehehe! Thanks for liking my post! Big xoxo!


That looks like an awesome restaurant!!! the food looks delicious and I am sure glad that Vegetarian is ok LOL
You have beautiful kids!!! Eyes closed or not 😄


Thanks so much for your sweet comment, Marianne! Don't miss it when you travel to Kyoto! It's cheap and delicious! Thanks for the words to my kids! they are always beautiful to us, isn't that so <3? Cheers, my dear!


Of course they are!! That is what parents are for!! LOL


Yesssss!!!! <3


Great post @nolasco and interesting to see the "stained glass" in situ.

It looks like a really fun place to visit. 😁


I strongly recommend it! It's inexpensive (in Japan everything is so expensive) and delicious! Thanks for your encouragement!


I'd have loved that place, I'm sure of that. It's mysterious and welcoming! :) Have a great weekend 😊