In my last Steemit post on Wilson Promontory I highlighted a selection of random images from inside the national park in Victoria, Australia. It's approximately 125,000-acre in total so it's almost impossible to explore completely by foot, but I think many people visit Squeaky Beach for the idyllic white sand that squeaks as you walk along it. An interesting play on your senses.

I was drawn to the random colourful rocks situated on this beach as the forms were both abstract and beautiful. I can imagine an artist would get so much inspiration from this scenery, so it made sense to grab my camera and take pictures of these different shapes as I walked along the beach. I especially liked the shadows that formed on the side of the rocks, also the textures and tones scattered across the surface of them, it reminded me of ceramics glazes and random colour palette you can create with different oxides.

It's a shame that I didn't have much information on the rocks whilst I was there, but I did do a bit of digging online and found a little bit of information about these rocks. The Wilsons Promontory is a granite massif formed over 350 million years ago when molten rock pushed up from the earth and created mountains and valleys. As it cooled it led to the formation of rubies and sapphires, also iron deposits which can be seen here as orange/red coloured stains on the side of socks. Really interesting stuff and is surely part of the reason why this part of Australia is so unique.

Here are a few photos of the abstracts rocks that I documented on my travels. I hope you like them and will read more about Wilsons Prom.

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