Another crocodile post! While in Darwin this was another trip I took to see some animals in this area. If you didn't catch my last one I recommend going here as there are a few photos of a boat trip at a different location. They have a similar vibe but the weather was completely different, it poured down on this day!

I think Australia can be an intimidating place for people to travel to as you always hear about the different animals that reside there, spiders, snakes, crocodiles, sharks, the lot. haha I suppose Darwin is especially known for some of the more dangerous species on the planet, especially the abundant amount of large crocodiles. I read that they were almost hunted to near extinction, but after being protected for more than four decades they have made a comeback in the area and there are nearly as many as 100,000 saltwater crocodiles in the Northern Territory. Scary but amazing how they have recovered and are thriving.

Although deadly, crocodiles are actually some of the laziest animals on the planet and try to conserve their energy as much as possible. In the effort to prevent attacks the government use places such as the Crocodylus Park, pictures of which are seen here, to house the large crocodiles and give them a safer habitat to reside in. As I said in my previous post, I'm always conflicted by these kind of nature parks, but the people here at Crocodylus Park seemed nice and were very educated on the animals and shared some facts.

I decided to take a few pictures and wanted to showcase them here of a boat I took around the swampy lake. There was one following us all the way until the exit, scary stuff but still fun! Check out the pictures below.







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