Exploring Japan - A Visit to Ninna-ji Temple Garden in Kyoto

M Robinson @oenJune 2018 · 2 min read


On a sunny day I took the train from my apartment in Osaka to Omuro-Ninnaji Station, located in the southern area of Kyoto. I know this area well as one of my favourite temples in Japan resides close by, Ryoanji. Sitting not too far from here is also Ninna-ji Temple, a temple that I had yet to visit before despite visiting Ryoanji a number of times in the past. Ryoaji is a great place to meditate, particularly in the morning or evening when there's not many people on the property, so I wondered if this area would have a similar vibe.

Ninnaji is a great temple in Japan and is one of the many World Heritage Sites in this beautiful city. I think this particular temple is well characterised for the pagoda that sits towards the back of the grounds, but in my opinion the real show stopper here is the garden and the peaceful areas where you can sit and overlook the raked gravel garden. If you go in the week you'll be surprised how quiet it can get considering this temple is fairly large and well-known to the public.

This area must be especially beautiful during the cherry blossom season as I heard they have some late blooming trees here that sit near the pagoda. Unfortunately it was already around 30 degrees when I visited so spring had certainly passed! One of the details I really enjoyed while walking around the garden were the artworks painted freely and creatively on the side of the wooden sliding doors. I have seen designs and patterns before on these shoji doors, but nothing quite like this. There are a few photos that I captured below. I hope to share more details and the rest of the grounds sometime next week or over the weekend. Enjoy.

















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All photos captured by Mark Robinson.

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Finally a place I know! I love Ninna-ji, and it's usually not very crowded. Totally underrated in my opinion.


Hey @wllmdnnd! Thanks for commenting. The tumble weed was rolling through my comments section for a while there haha :D Yeah, I think it's underrated too. I had a nice time there :)


Sorry to hear that. It's hard to engage readers I guess. No doubt about the quality of your content as far as I'm concerned.


I agree. I have a few followers but commenting is still fairly low. Shame. Anyway, I appreciate you commenting. Let's support each other! haha


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Those gardens are absolutely beautiful! I have always loved the look of the raked gravel. Your photos really bring me back to my trip to Japan. Thank you for sharing you adventure!


I'm glad it brings back some memories :) More coming soon ;)


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