My job involves working with various craftsmen and promoting their work to the public, also selling a selection on my online shop. It's a fun job and it's great to talk with like-minded people about how they make these works of art and what inspires them as creatives. It's usually the case that our outlook on life is fairly similar, which makes me feel like I'm travelling on the right path even though it can be a tough journey at times.

I stopped by the Australian Tapestry Workshop in South Melbourne, Australia for a quick chat with the craftsmen and the people working at the workshop. I was lucky enough to see first hand the dedication behind these works of art and what kind of skill the makers have. The finished works are really colourful and beautiful, but the concept behind these works is just as inspiring.

Their goal is to make contemporary, hand-woven tapestries in collaboration with leading artists, architects and designers to push this craft to a new level and showcase what can be done with textiles. At the time I was there they were playing with perspective and were planning to bend the orange rug around the side of the wall to create an illusion or sorts. I also was able to see other works of a similar manner and was really blown away. They really are works of art that could be hung on a gallery wall.

Anyway, I will let you admire a few of the works here in the photos that I took. The space was a little odd in shape so I couldn't get too many good angles but I tried my best from the balcony area. More can be found out about the Tapestry Workshop on their website linked below.

Click here to read more about the Australian Tapestry Workshop →

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