Exploring Sydney - Opera House Architectural Angles

M Robinson @oen
· March 2018 · 2 min read · Australia · #photography


For today’s post I wanted to highlight some recent imagery that I took of the Sydney Opera House in Australia. Many tourists go for the selfie in front of this building, but I was more concerned in considering the architecture and capturing a few of the buildings details. I only had a few days in Sydney to explore so I had to make the most of the time, so even though there was bad overcast cloud and spots of rain I tried my best to photograph some interesting angles of this building.

One thing that struck me when I saw this building was that the angle that is most photographed makes this building look like one building connected, but it’s actually more like three buildings in a row. Similar to three shell-like helmets. Designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, there were all sorts of problems when constructing this building, but I was most captivated with the outer shell ribs that make the roof and the glazes ceramic tiles that cover it. Although they appear white from a distance they are actually a chevron pattern composed of over 1 million tiles in two colours, white and matte cream which reflects the light in a unique way. You can only really see this up-close with your own eyes.

I have mixed feelings about one of the 20th century’s most famous and distinctive buildings. I really marvel at the ambitiousness of the project and the architects that designed this, but since the completion costs came in at $102 million it puts a little bit of a new twist on to it. What do you guys think? See you in the comments. 😉








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Beautiful work, and details I have never seen up close. Following...

M Robinson @oenMarch 2018

Thanks for your comment @sloe :) Yeah, the details are very interesting.

It's so tiring to see endless selfies and looking at the Opera House simply as a monument that's in the background of photographs. It's refreshing to see the actual architectural detail and even some criticism into the cost of creating 'iconic' architecture. Great photos!

M Robinson @oenMarch 2018

Thanks for commenting. Yeah, the cost of modern architecture has always interested me for some reason. Sometimes simple in appearance doesn't relate to something of low cost, but in this case it could be too expensive haha

Yeah, and most times this kind of public architecture is built out of taxpayer's money. How many of those actually go to the Opera? It's interesting to think of sustainability in architecture by function and the purpose it serves the locals.

It's definitely a great building to explore photographically.

M Robinson @oenMarch 2018

Yeah, I think it's a really interesting building :) Lots of interesting architecture in Australia! Thanks for commenting.

IT does seem a little too expensive, and not as fascinating as its cost!

I've never actually seen photos from that close up before, super cool stuff!

M Robinson @oenMarch 2018


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