Hotel Adeline in Scottsdale, AZ: Offbeat Vibes and Ultra Instagrammable

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Re: Hotel Adeline in Scottsdale, Arizona

In a meticulously whatever-scaped world dominated by astonishingly verdant golf courses, conference-ready hotel chains, and high-end spa resorts, Scottsdale’s Hotel Adeline is an oasis in the desert. Featuring bright murals, punny neon colloquialisms, and more than just a few nods to its Southwest locale, the Hotel Adeline is a hip as hell sip of fiery whiskey. Speakeasy and all.

The Hotel Adeline has a small footprint, but it’s overflowing with photo ops, with decor made for posting on Instagram. (Fellow millennials, I’m talking to you!)

Style, style, and more (offbeat) style

Mid-century modern is the steez, and vintage-chic is the breezy result of a multi-million dollar renovation that took this hotel from a roadside motel to its current state of simultaneously anti-luxury and semi-bougie. The Hotel Adeline throws back to 1960s era mod style while remaining affordable and a great choice for families and wanderlusters to explore the greater Phoenix area without breaking the bank.

The Good

Go ahead and price out accommodations for Scottsdale proper and the immediate area. I’ll wait. Chances are, the Hotel Adeline will be among the most affordable of the new or newly renovated options. They’ll also likely be the cleanest and nicest looking lodging with limited amenities. (e.g. daily maid service, but no turndown, and no room service)

The pool is huge and beautiful, and you’ll never want for a poolside recliner during the week. Weekends in the summer may be a different story, what with their decidedly adult-focused Liquid Sunshine pool party.

The food and drinks are top-notch, and they served one of the best caesar salads I’ve had in recent memory! If you’re staying when the “secret” speakeasy is open, make sure you pay a visit— it’s an absolute delight, and the drink menu is superb.

The Bad

While an overall good choice for the Scottsdale area, the Hotel Adeline has some minor kinks to work out.

The lighting in the rooms leaves much to be desired— these rooms are simply poorly-lit. The windows have shades but no blinds or privacy curtain, and because all the windows face out to the walkway (or the walkway and courtyard), opening the shades for more light isn’t an option unless you’re comfortable with passers-by having a full-panel view into your room.

While each room boasts a brand new and modern thermostat, the actual AC unit appears to be the original loud and clunky device installed pre-renovation. The AC cycles very loudly, and I couldn’t find any obvious way to just keep it running, even on a fan setting.

The hours for the restaurant and cafe, noted on the website and in on-site collateral, did not appear to reflect actual operating hours, as we found a few times during our stay. With its location a hot, sunburn-y ¾ mile away from Old Town (and even further from the nearest grocery store), I was disappointed by the lack of consistency for dining options.

Bottom Line

Strong lines, bursts of color, and hints of pop-culture enthusiasm complement the mid-century characteristics of this hotel. This tone pervades the atmosphere, and every nook, cranny, and wall at the Hotel Adeline glows with this delightful sense of soul and style.

While this hotel may be a fit for smaller families, I think my family of 5 would be better served at a larger hotel or full-service resort— such as the Embassy Suites next door.

I had the pleasure of staying at this hotel during a work trip, and for a solo visit or a romantic Sonoran Desert getaway with my husband, I’d gladly stay again at the Hotel Adeline.

Heads up!

This is a syndicated post that I originally published to my travel blog, Aspire to Wander - Hotel Adeline in Scottsdale, AZ: Offbeat Vibes and Ultra Instagrammable. Check out my TripAdvisor review of this hotel here.

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