One day I visited a magical valley. The forest of my childhood, the family forest of my ancestors in Rokytne village, Lviv region, Ukraine. I have known him for a long time, but today he was fascinated by spring and I saw him in a new way!

The forest is divided into two halves by a ravine, spring water created it and every year it grows wider and deeper. Later people created a road that blocked this stream and the water stood there for a long time and formed a valley. When the rains do not fall, the water evaporates and the valley is covered with greenery. This is truly a wonderful phenomenon - to observe the birth of pure innocent spring there!

I've never walked down here in the spring before, and this time I decided to go to the foot of the sacred tree! That's what my kids called it. It is an old beech tree and it is truly admirable. It differs from all other trees by its thickness and the uniqueness of its roots.

It stands at the top of a forest tilted over a ravine, and the children tied a long cord to it and swayed with great amplitude. Twenty years ago I was flying here over that ravine. It was crazy!

I noticed many delicate white flowers near its roots. Oh, it's the so-called "bunny" cabbage that rabbits and all kids love to eat! These white flowers and three sour petals, similar in taste to sorrel, are very good for health!

The luxurious white anemone rug is common in mixed forests of Western Ukraine, but yellow anemones are rare.

And here in the depths of the ravine I met them. They are somewhat different from whites. There are two flowers on one stem at a time. Spring breeze shakes their heads and they spread a magical scent.

I slowly move up to the sun, towards the horizon, that illuminating the magical valley. I'm filled with her magic ...

I hope you enjoyed walking with me!