The legendary Wawel Castle, which I saw when I was walking along the Vistula River in Krakow, from the excursion boat, impressed me with its beauty!

It was during my unforgettable trip to the neighboring country of Poland to participate in the SteemFest - 3.

Looking at these photos from different angles I took while on a boat ride down the river, I am overwhelmed by the positive memories of this time spent in the community of like-minded people from all over the world! Thanks to Steemit, I discovered this beautiful historic city!

If we talk about the importance of this castle for Poland, the Wawel Castle can be compared to the Moscow Kremlin for Russia. Located on the high bank of the Vistula, the Wawel includes a royal castle, a cathedral, and a system of castle fortifications.

A bit of Wikipedia history: By the end of the X century, after the formation of Polish statehood, Wawel became the center of political and spiritual power. From the second half of the XI century to the beginning of the XVIIth he was the residence of the Polish kings. In the fourteenth century under King Casimir the Great (1333-1370), when Krakow became the capital of the state, and later, under the rule of the Jagiellons, Wawel reached its peak.

After the union between Poland and Lithuania, Krakow gradually lost its political importance, giving way to Warsaw, located in the center of the country. Finally, in 1609, King Sigismund III moved the capital to Warsaw. The impetus for the move was the fire at Wawel Castle. After the third division of Poland in 1795, Wawel passed into the hands of the Austrians. In 1815, after the defeat of Napoleon, Krakow became a free city. But in 1846 the Austrian troops returned to Wawel and placed their barracks there. Finally, in 1905 the castle was bought from the Austrians, and immediately Wawel began restoration work. And since 1930, the castle again becomes the ceremonial residence of the head of state, and part of its premises is designated as a museum. During World War II, the castle was the residence of the German Governor-General.

We were moving on a boat and the pictures of the grand castle were changing, revealing its unique architecture each time, as if opening its new faces!

We arrived ashore and went out near the castle. Each of us had a great time walking around Wawel Castle. Personally, I and my daughter Victoria watched the swans that were in the river. We gave them bread and they came very close to us.

It was a warm late fall and all that: swans, autumn fallen multicolored leaves, a castle on the banks of the Vistula - unforgettable pictures of our trip that we have in our photos! I think autumn is the best time to travel to Krakow.

Returning in the evening after the walk, we enjoyed the beautiful sunset over the Vistula River!

I breathtaking , thinking about it, how many events and greatness of past centuries remember the walls of this beautiful building, which now comforts the eyes and gives unrivaled memories to the hundreds of tourists who come to the royal city of Krakow.

Thank you for your visit!