Seeing our Ride for this 6 week roadtrip for the first time!

After landing on San Francisco airport we took a taxi to our first stop. A Airbnb appartment located just 5 minutes from the airport.

We only stayed for a couple of hours to get some much needed rest after travelling for 24 hrs straight. The moment we arrived we we're dead.

After this quick energy re-fuel we got up took a shower and Uber-ed back to the airport to pick up our rental car.

We booked the car some months ago and payed in advance. A couple of weeks ago I got this tip from an co-worker that when I ask for military discount they probably could reduce the price.

Unfortunately they couldn’t change the advanced payment but the guy behind the counter felt so sorry, he went to the back and came out with the keys of an almost brand new Chrysler Pacifica!

This was an awesome upgrade compared to the car we previously booked!

We fell in love with the Americans right away ; )

Our first night at a campspot, Anthony chabot regional park

After picking up the car and loading all our stuff in the back we drove to the Walmart the get all the camping supplies we needed. After wandering around for about 4 hours haha, we got everything we needed to live in our car for six weeks.

Let the adventure begin!

First camping breakfast.

What a way to start the first night on our trip. We filled our airmattress and stuffed it into our tent. The moment Luuk tried to sit on it, it exploded!

A big tear all along side the mattress! Damnit!

Nothing else to do than just sleep on the ground then. Waking up every now and then shivering from the cold off the ground wasn't really pleasent, but yeah,

Still love it! Haha

Into the city it is!

The well know Golden Gate bridge, San Francisco

Just like most people we had already seen a ton of pictures from the Golden Gate bridge, and it looks impressive. Seeing it with my own eyes and especially the view over the city is magnificent. This is a place you have to stop at if you ever get the chance be on "the other side of the bridge"

Stunning view overlooking the City

These pictures are taken from the Battery Spencer overlook on the North side of the bridge.

Battery Spencer overlook

Battery Spencer overlook

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