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I recently published a special Halloween post about the Vysehrad Cemetery and today, I would like to tell you a bit more about the other iconic landmark of the Vysehrad Fortress in Prague and that is the magnificent St. Peter and Paul´s Basilica.


The very origins of this impressive piece of religious architecture probably date back to as early as the second half of the 11th century when a Romanesque church was founded on the site by the prominent Bohemian king Vratislaus II.


The current appearance of the basilica comes from the period between 1887 and 1903 when the building was transformed into a Neo-Gothic basilica by the renowned Czech architects Josef Mocker and Frantisek Miks. The most dominant feature of the structure are two massive, 58 m (190 ft) tall towers that can seen from many places all over the city.


As I already mentioned in the older post, the basilica is adjacent to the Vysehrad Cemetery, a national cemetery that has been serving as the last resting place of many prominent figures of the Czech history since 1869. Occupying a total area of almost 1 hectare, the Vysehrad Cemetery is currently home to remains of more than 600 notable Czech people ranging from politicians, scientists and sportsmen to artists, writers, actors and many others.

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