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I am coming with something special today as I just realized that the Caribbean (or most parts of it, including the place where I live) has been lately turning into what you can probably call a tourist trap and I would like to raise awareness about the issue.

For most tourists and travelers, the Caribbean has always been synonymous with turquoise, crystal clear sea and fine white powdery beaches lined with coconut palm trees. Basically something like this...




...or this...


Those 3 shots were indeed taken in the Caribbean and they fully match what people coming here for their vacation expect, right? Well, the problem is that those photos are about 2 years old. If you come to the Caribbean now, the chances are your beach will look like this...




...or this…


Quite a difference, huh? I know. But unfortunately, this is what many places all over the Caribbean actually look very often these days. The whole region (from Florida to northern part of South America) has been struggling with enormous amounts of brown algae known as sargassum. The seaweed decomposes fast, emitting horrible, sewage-like smell and giving the sea a repulsive brownish murky shade.

Scientists are not 100% sure what causes these massive sargassum outbreaks but global warming and water pollution are their most common and probable guesses.

Now the purpose of this post is not to discourage people from traveling to the Caribbean (there are many other great things here to enjoy, I can tell) but rather let them know that the sea and beaches can now look very different from what they expect.

All 6 photos featured in this post were taken by me at different places on the Mayan Riviera, Mexico.


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