Hi there my Steemian friends and followers!

I am very happy to see great things, projects and applications being built on the Steem blockchain and was really excited when I found out that one of my very favorite projects @travelfeed recently launched their own platform TravelFeed.io.

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Screenshot from TravelFeed.io

The most famous and popular travel content curation team on Steem, @travelfeed has been known to and used by most Steemian travel bloggers, supporting some of the best quality posts created on the blockchain. However, the ambitions of their new platform TravelFeed.io are much bigger than just that. The platform aims to become an online hub for a global community of independent travelers and travel bloggers where unique, top notch travel posts of all kinds can be found, shared and used for long months and years after their publication. The platform comes with a number of cool and useful features, including very intuitive and well-arranged post cataloging, allowing you to pick and view posts only from places that you are interested in.

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Screenshot from TravelFeed.io

Since TravelFeed.io is built on the Steem blockchain, authors publishing their posts through the platform earn Steem (just like with posting from Steemit or any other application run on the blockchain) but when using TravelFeed.io, you are eligible for bigger upvotes from the main, manually curating @travelfeed account that is currently endowed with almost 120,000 Steem Power.

If you wonder who is behind this amazing project, let me tell you they are some of the most dedicated and hardworking Steemians with strong affection for traveling: @for91days, @livinguktaiwan, @smeralda, @mrprofessor, @elsaenroute, @worldcapture, @wanderlass, @saunter and the founder and main developer @jpphotography who even decided to give priority to his work on the platform over his university studies. I have known Julian @jpphotography since my first days on the Steem blockchain and I consider him one of the smartest and most skillful and creative members of our community and if he gets so passionate about something, you can bet it will make it big ;)

So next time you guys are posting some travel content, go to TravelFeed.io, log in with your Steem credentials, get familiar with this awesome platform and post your article in there ;)


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