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Welcome to my D-Tube Wednesday series where I share my videos taken at interesting places that I have visited during my travels.

Today, I will take you to the Gran Cenote, one of the most beautiful cenotes found in Yucatan.

Now you are probably wondering what a cenote is, right? Well, a cenote is basically a sinkhole that formed naturally after a limestone bedrock above it collapsed. These pits are filled (completely or just partially) with underground water, which makes them really cool places to explore.

Situated in the lush Yucatan jungle, just a few kilometers west of Tulum, the Gran Cenote is actually a complex of several cenotes that are connected by little natural channels. The water in the cenotes is so crystal clear that you can see the abundant underwater wildlife here even without the snorkeling mask.

However, you are recommended to bring your snorkeling gear because you can snorkel with turtles here. That is right, the Gran Cenote is home to a large population of the red-eared slider, a semi-aquatic turtle known as the world´s most popular turtle pet.

It was my first time using the underwater camera so the video is a bit awkward at some points but hopefully, you will get an idea of what it is like to swim with these little guys in the cenote.

I hope you enjoyed the video. If you did, stay tuned for the next episode of my D-Tube Wednesday series. Thank you @dtube for allowing us to share our videos with the Steem community.


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