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I first came across this amazing project called @cleanplanet a few months ago but it was not until now when I finally decided to make a post for them. So what is this initiative about? Well, as the name suggests - it is all about keeping our planet clean :) It is quite simple - just go out and pick some trash (can be anywhere - on a beach, park, forest, street...) and take photos or videos of the action. Then, you just write a post about what you did, add the photos or videos and use the #cleanplanet tag. @cleanplanet will then reward your effort with an uvpote (they currently have almost 33,000 SP at their disposal).

This is also my contribution to the initiative by @czechglobalhosts who decided to support @cleanplanet with this post. Thank you for organizing this initiative Tomas, I really appreciate it!


As a devoted conservationist, I pick trash in nature quite often but this was the first time I got myself a really huge bag just for this purpose. I already showed you the result of my first official @cleanplanet action in the photo above but that was because I wanted to use that image as the thumbnail shot.

So let me now present this little photo documentation of the clean-up from the beginning. Me and @liltammy decided to clean the beach that is right behind our current home in a little coastal village in northwestern Yucatan, Mexico.

That is me with the empty bag. The clean-up begins :)


We spotted first pieces of plastic immediately after entering the beach.


The concentration of garbage was really disturbing in some places. Especially if you consider that there are actually very few people living in this part of Mexico.


The bag was filling up fast.


First weighing. It was getting heavy.


@liltammy was a great helper. She did a great job.


We filled up the bag in about one hour. I think the final weight of the trash we collected was about 25 kg (55 lb). I figured out dragging the bag along the beach was better than carrying it :D


And this is the photo you have already seen. The bag filled up to the top right before we threw it into the garbage can.


Collecting trash may be a kind of dirty job but you will feel really good about it in the end because you know just did something for the planet. You can definitely expect more posts like this one on my blog and I will be really glad if you join this awesome initiative too :)


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