Quebec City, a small France in America.

Marco @photographercrOctober 2019 · 2 min read


During my trip to Canada, I had the opportunity to visit Quebec City. Upon arrival, you immediately know that you are in a place different from any other where you have been in North America.


The first thing you notice is the architecture, and although I have never been to Europe, many of those old buildings reminded me of the images of villages that I have seen on television in the broadcasts of the Tour de France or the Giro


The second thing that called me attention was the language, I had already heard French in Montreal, but mixed like many other languages, as expected in such a multicultural city. But not in Quebec, basically the only language you hear is French. I remember a little of my French classes at school, but they were useless in that place, I honestly didn't understand anything. Luckily I ran into some vendors who communicated in English.


One of the best experiences on the trip was to visit an observatory of the city. A huge building, which I don't remember the name, allowed you to have a 360 degree view of the entire urban area of ​​Quebec. The beautiful architecture and the colors of autumn melted together to create spectacular landscapes. From there you could see the San Lorenzo River, the Parliament and the old part of the city, with its jewel the Château Frontenac.


Unfortunately we only had one day to tour the city, because we use a tour of those that show you everything running. But that will be my reason to return and discover on my own all the wonderful corners of Quebec.


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Janaveda @janavedaOctober 2019

The photos of Quebec City are really spectacular. I liked the way you described your passage through the city.

I don't know Canada, but thanks to my grandmother, who is no longer with us, I had my first meetings through her stories. She went to Quebec several times and described her as very beautiful but cold.

You have put pictures in those stories that I heard a long time ago.

Thank you for sharing the great photographic work.


I'm glad you liked it and that I was able to relive your grandmother's stories. Quebec is a magical city, and despite the cold, it is a place that always invites you to return. I hope that one day you will have the opportunity to visit it and live those stories.

digi-me @digi-meOctober 2019

Wow! great photos. Sounds like a great place to visit .


I was on the same observatory ... please tell me, how did you get such clear images through those windows? Maybe you got lucky and they recently cleaned them :) Great shots!

@tipu curate


Hello, thank you very much for your comment. Those are images of my trip last year, I took advantage of the fact that we are in the autumn to share them. Indeed the windows were not very clean, but there were better points than others to make the photos. Everything is in the technique and the edition. The lens was as close as possible to the glass, I used a very small diaphragm aperture and of course, a lot of editing time removing stains and correcting colors.


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