We set off early in the morning to avoid storms that could come after lunch. In summer it is nothing special in the High Tatras. Although it is September and the weather is more stable and even meteorologists do not report anything, we will not take any risks.

We enter Tatranská Polianka and we see that we did well, that we left early. Not so much because of the weather, but because of the parking space. There is no free road next to the main road, so we enter the side street. Here we finally managed to find one free one.

We pick things up from the car and set off. The hiking trail leads along an asphalt road. We climb the terrain, which does not even resemble the Tatra trails full of rocks.

We are starting to miss it a bit, fortunately it doesn't take long and we enter the forest along the stream.

Silesian house, top view

After two hours of walking, we come to the first destination of our journey and that is the Silesian House. Here we rest for a while and replenish fluids. We sit on a rock under the Velický waterfall.

Velický waterfall

We admire it, but at the same time we watch what ascent awaits us to its top.

Velický waterfall

Well, nothing was enough! We drank and can continue.

We are in the cypress belt, but it doesn't take long and it's gone too. There are only rocks and Tatra lakes around us.


We still have a difficult road ahead of us to get to the top. The ascent is steeper and steeper and according to the tourist map it will increase even more.

Prielom from Polish ridge

We come to chains. It is an unmistakable sign that we are close to the Polish ridge. This is a pass through which you can get to Litvorova valley.

Litvorova valley from Polish ridge and Zamrznuté lake

The goal is in sight!

Me and peak Východná Vysoká behind me

As usual, the last meters are always the most difficult. This also applies to altitude meters. The climb is all the more challenging because the stones under our feet are unstable. We have to be careful not to let some big stone fall on the tourists below us.

And here we are, at the top! The effort we put into getting here was worth it. There is a great view on every side. I choose a camera and take pictures of the views.

View from peak Východná Vysoká

View from peak Východná Vysoká

View from peak Východná Vysoká

View from peak Východná Vysoká to Great cold valley

View from peak Východná Vysoká

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Place: Slovakia 🇸🇰
High Tatras National park
Camera: Canon 6d Mark ii

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