I like to go to the High Tatras when there is snow in them. I spoke to my colleagues and a bunch of six people and one dog went on a hike. It was in the spring right after the opening of the hiking trails.

We took a bus to the Tatranská kotlina stop, where our tour began.

We climb higher and higher and even though it is not very warm outside, the feeling of temperature is high due to the sun. We consider one layer at a time and stay in T-shirts.

The dog who chases the branches and runs up and down has the most energy from us. There is no sign of running down. We come to the cottage Plesnivec and only behind it we see traces of unmelted snow.

Cottage Plesnivec
Cottage Plesnivec

It doesn't take long and snow is all around us. We have what we wanted. In a few meters we come to what we are dealing with. A colleague fell on the hiking trail. One whole leg ended up under the snow. We help her out of this snow trap and we laugh at the taste.

We move on and fit one by one. We try to follow a path that looks solid, but the appearance is deceptive.

We are moving slowly. The hike will take a little longer, which we don't mind. However, due to the constant decline, it is more physically demanding. The prospects we have are worth it. The Tatras are beautiful.

We come to the White Ball. We sit on a bench and relax. I capture the atmosphere that prevails here on the lens. There is peace and quiet and beautiful nature.

After a while of rest, we continue the hike. Our forces are slowly dwindling from constant obsession. The snow got into our shoes. We now have cold water in them. We are happy to see the Cottage at the Green Ball. That is the goal of our tour today.

Green lake
Green lake

Enthusiastically, we enter the bottom to buy something warm to warm up. We change soaked clothes for dry ones.

We go back another way to the bus. Fortunately, because going through all this again would be challenging. We no longer sink and as we cross the bridge we see what layer of snow is still on the hiking trails.

It was an unforgettable hike, full of laughter. I hope we do it again sometime.

Well thank you

Place: Slovakia 🇸🇰
High Tatras National park,
Camera: Canon 6d Mark ii

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