Travel Norway #11 - Innerdalen - First Summer trip to Trollheimen National Park - Day 2

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Continuing the last post about my first summer visit in Innerdalen valley - description of the whole journey and large photo gallery from day 2 of my trip.

If You haven't seen my previous post, You can find it HERE


Innerdalen: Innerdalsvatna lake and Skarfjellet mountain on left

The word of introduction - Innerdalen valley is one of many beautiful places in Trollheimen mountains. All the area and surrounding mountains are situated within Trollheimen National Park area. We can drive there from Sunndalsora, taking right turn just after the tunnel. Road leading to big car park leads through forests and plains of Viromdalen valley. On the way we are passing by a couple of farms and river.


This is the welcoming view I got on my second day

Day 2 - After a night in a car I woke up quite early, pain in my legs and shoulders was still really strong. First day I gave myself really hard time. Too much for someone who is walking such big distances ocasionally. I made fast breakfast and filled up the backpack with necessary equipment. As I found out later that day, I took way to little water, especially that I was really dehydrated after first day. I learned my lesson after this trip... but that time, I put myself in a big troubles, but about it little later...


Fantastic shape of Skarfjellet mountain

Way up the mountains and reaching the Innerdalen was much harder than day before. Pain in muscles and low condition made myself feel like a piece of... weak human ;).


View on Trollheimen's glaciers that morning


The glacier area and surrounding mountains

The plan for Day 2 was to turn left and reach the mountains above the Innerdalen called Snofjellet and others. I wasn't sure how the footpath is going because I wasn't there before. Really big plans was really fast changed because of my condition this day. I put the plan of reaching the tops to the garbage and decide just to go as far as I can, than rest and go back down to the car... What will happend on the way - nobody knew...


Paddle boats on Innerdalsvatna lake and Skarfjellet above.

I took the trail just before the river between Renndolsetra cabins and Innerdalshytta turist shelter. The river was my first longer stop on the way. waters of the stream - icy cold, fresh and crystal clear - made me to just take off the shoes, socks and walk into it. I drank the water, I wash my face and shoulders, I enjoyed the pain from cold on my tired feet... Love such moments on the journey, where You feel so good that You could just stay in place and finish the trip...


Cabins of Renndolsetra settlement


My icy-cold remedy for tired legs

There was a footpath on the both sides of the river. I wasn't really sure which one I have to go to reach the trail to the top of Snofjellet. After checking the small map on my cellphone, which was working really bad by the way (no range) I decided to cross the river and follow the track on the right side. Was it good decision? Nope... and Yes ;)


The trail


Example of interesting vegetation

After going further up, the trail was starting to go more on right than before - leaving the mountains in far left side. The river left on the bottom of narrow valley and I started to climb up the steep hill.
I think I forgot to mention that it was the time, when blueberries were ready to pick up. In fact there was hundrends of them in every bush and there were hundreds of bushes just next to the footpath I followed. Fantastic regeneration meal on the road. My hands and lips become dark violet really fast ;).


Towards the sun

The sun that day was a killer - as I followed the path and walking up the mountains, trees became smaller and smaller, finally making no shadow at all. I started to feel really tired and dizzy. I knew it is not the best sign but I decided to countinue my journey... slowly walking up and up I found out that the trail I was going to follow on the beginning is already in other side of the gorge and going really steep up the mountains. I can even say - Extreme steep. I knew that moment that my mistake with chosing the trails was in fact good choice. With the condition I had, I would probably had to go back really fast from that road.


Don't look back! ;) Or maybe You should...

From the path I had great view on the Innerdalen and Innerdalsvatna lake, together with big massive mountain Skarfjellet above.


Steep and deep gorge and flowing river in the bottom - Renndola.


Renndola river


Waterfall on Renndola river

The path was leading among big rocks and miniature birch forest. On the left hand side - big drop to the bottom of the gorge and river Renndola. Way was quite steep sometimes and very tiring but not something that could stop me... not yet ;).


Leaving the forest line...


View on the Skarfjellet in a far.

After leaving the narrow part of the gorge and steep trail I came across great open space of Renndalen valley - with fantastic view on the Innerdalen valley below and surrounding mountains. In this part my water source has finished... I had headache and I was exhausted... but very happy of what I saw.


Innerdalen valley left behind


View on Snofjellet - my first plan was to go there up!! :O

In that moment I felt weak, I found few small streams flowing directly from the rocks above - I drank some water but I was little afraid of its quality... walking further up I was planning to find a nice spot by the main river and just take a longer rest.


Looking for flowing water safe to drink.


Just rocks... and more stones...

By the flowing waters of Renndola I found a couple of great spots in the close distant from waterfalls which gave nice, cold breeze. I filled up my bottle to the top, I drank as much water as I could...and even more after the moment.


This looks promising!


Shower time!

I found small area of soft grass and just lied down. Using my shirt as a sun cover I closed my eyes and focused on the sounds surrounding me. Such moments will never go out from memories.


Perfect view for a little rest


My postcard from that day...

I think I even felt asleep for a while, didn't check the time but I think it was some sort of "energizing nap". After an hour maybe more I felt myself much better. Cold pure water finished dehydration and a little nap rebuilt my strenght. I was ready to go up to see what else I can find in the valley above.


I walked among shallow lake with crystal clear waters of Renndalsvatnet lake... Landscape on this attitude was empty. No trees or high bushes. Open space, rocks and stones, interesting looking mountains around...


Shore of Renndalsvatnet


Shore of Renndalsvatnet

I walked almost to the end of the lake, the path leads further up the valley. I decided to turn back in that moment. It was getting late, my strenght wasn't the best and I new I had to keep some of my power to go down the steep path and further down the valley to reach the car... after that - driving three hours back to home.


The view to the end of the valley where my path has ended that day, but the journey still continues

As I checked the map after - the path is leading to another, much bigger lake situated above the one I visited. I am sure It was also bautiful place and I regret a little that I didn't try to reach it just to it looks...

The dilemma of every adventurer and explorer - what is after another corner, when to stop and go back... I made my choice that day which means, it had to be like that.


Few more shots of the valley and mountains taken on my way back:




As I mentioned in previous post from Day 1 - I stopped by Renndolsetra cottage to pick up some freshly made waffels and eat it with locally made sour cream and delicious blueberry jam. I really have no words to describe how it tasted, how happy I was that moment, not only because I saw such amazing landscapes during these two days but because I felt extreme tired, painful but full of positive energy. Two days in a wild, just me and nature - can load up my batteries to 200%.


On the left - Renndolsetra cabins


On the right - Mighty Innerdalstarnet, standing like a guardian of the valley.

With such view I was ending my two-day trip to Trollheimen National Park, leaving the Innerdalen valley behind...


Innerdalen in summer time - Day 2

Before reaching the car park, last view on Viromdalen - my way back to home... Thanks for reading!


Viromdalen in late afternoon


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