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Today I will take You to photographic journey to Lofoten Islands in northern Norway, there we will visit small village called Eggum, or rather close area of the village where amazing lake Nedre Heimredalsvatnet is hidden among high mountains. I was visiting the place during summer holidays in July 2016.


Photo: Waters of Nedre Heimredalsvatnet and reflections of mountains around

Eggum is situated on northern parts of Vestvågøy island, by the road number 994. It is the last village on the road, last stop there, on the car park nearby. Big parking area where easily camping cars can find place, some fee needs to paid for the night stop. During summer season small Bar and Cafe is open for public there, some toilets available also. From the place only one path is leading among the shoreline of Eggum...


Photo: Road number 994 to Eggum is also very scenic place.


Photo: Close area of Eggum village


Photo: Old barn or a cabin near Eggum.

On the left side, big mountain seems to rise up straight from the flat meadow - Mustaren (405m)


Photo: Mustaren mountain

Flowering meadows are all over the place giving the nice, colourful touch to the high mountains around...


Photo: Close area of Eggum village


Photo: Characteristic and common plant in norwegian wet-grounds - Eriophorum vaginatum

After few hundred meters we will see another footpath going left towards the lake area - the way is closed by the fence protecting the sheeps before run away their pasture grounds. The gate is always open for turists, just remember to close it after You!


Photo: On the path...


Photo: The way leading to the shores of Nedre Heimredalsvatnet


Photo: Always remember to say Hello in the beginning!

The road leading us towards the mountains and it is going all the way on a side by the crystal clear waters of Nedre Heimredalsvatnet lake. High mountain walls on the left side, fantastic view on the lake and mountains on the right side.



On the way we can search for many motives by the lake shores, like a small plants, stones, boats or this small wodden cabin half way to the end...




At the end of the lake is a large construction which is some part of water power plant. The water is falling down on the turbines from another lake situated higher in the mountains. Norway is well known from its water power plants systems and all the green energy they produce. Almost 100% of the electrical power is coming from nature. The problems appears only when there is a dry season and there is not enough water in lakes and rivers for turbines to work...



After reaching some point on this side of the lake we can turn around and continue the trail among the shore line. It is also well recommended by me to go around the lake by the shore line just to search for more motives and compositions of our shots.


Photo: View towards the sea side and brighter sky


Photo: Mountains above our heads


Photo: One more look on the lake

The weather that day was very dynamic, as You can see, it was mix of sun and heavy clouds. Fantastic conditions for shooting, maybe the time of the day weren't the best - the sun was really strong and the light almost burn the colours making the shadows black and white surfaces overburned...


Photo: In black and white style... also looks good!

Lofoten is unique place, where sunny days are quite rare - in return we get a mixture of rainy, foggy, cloudy, stormy days, where lighting conditions can change during the day many times. Like I always said - it is photographic Eldorado ! ;)


Here is my panoramic shot made from couple of single shots, focusing on the crystal clear water and amazing reflections of surrounding mountains...


Photo: Panoramic Nedre Heimredalsvatnet

The whole area isn't big, without problem we can see it all in less than an hour - but, why to be so fast? I could spend there few days waiting for different conditions, walking around the lake and among the rocky shores, watching the changing clouds and enjoying the sound and smell of the norhtern sea...



The trail is leading further among the sea shore - we wasn't there that day, had some more places to visit, time was always a problem when it is limited and there is so many things to see. I am not really sure now, but I think the shore line is a nature reserve beacuse of the birds living there... cannot find the info right now, but I think I saw some information boards on the place.


Photo: Mountainous rocky shores of the island

The path is leading all the way around the rocky penninsula, so by feet we can reach village Unstad on the other side of the mountains. I am sure it is a hiking worth to try! The place has its beauty and potential. It is a place where I will be back when next time visit Lofoten Islands...


Photo: Eggum village below masive of Mustaren mountain

If You will visit Norway some day, think about going to Lofoten - every time of the year is beautiful there. I was there only in summer time but I saw pictures from other seasons, every one of them has something unique to offer! Believe, You wont regret that trip! More places from Lofoten will be presented soon! Stay tuned folks and have a great day!!


Photo: Last look at the lake... I will be back one day...


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