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Hi all, If You are here for the first time, "Travel Norway" series is my personal photo-guide to interesting places I have visited in Norway. If You like to watch galleries of photos or You like to take some virtual travelling, just Follow me because this series never ends!!! ;)...

Today I am happy to present another location I have visited recently - Nordgruvefeltet. I wrote about it a little in my previous posts, but this one is full gallery from the visit.


If You saw and read my latest post from the series : https://steemit.com/travelfeed/@photovisions/travel-norway-13-visit-in-old-copper-mine-christianus-sextus-gruve , this is other side of the whole valley. Christianus Sextus mine is located more to the northern side of the hills, this part is lying on the hills opposite. More information about the place You can find in the post I linked above. Fell free to check it out also!


Nordgruvefeltet is a name of the whole area, where the recources of copper and pyrite has been exploited from 1723. Last mining activity in the region had place in 1945. Since then, the place is an outdoor sanctuary for all the mining/geology/minerals lovers. As well as the strange photographers like me ;).




The area is situated higher on the mountains around 15 km from city Røros - well known and UNESCO protected mining town, where we can visit many original streets with wooden, very little houses where miners used to live, big smelting house and more atractions. Røros will be a part of the "Travel Norway" series for sure in future!



The road leading to Nordgruvefeltet parking place is private, so we need to make payment on place - just 30 norwegian kroner per vehicle. We can always leave the car before the "bom" and go there by bike - quite a long ride up the hills is fine cardio training for sure ;).



From the parking place we can go in all directions, presented photos are from the left hand side looking from the incoming direction.



You know me - I always have problems to choose just few shots to certain post - but maybe its good, I am a photographer, not the best blogger, my pictures should tell the story and be the best background for it. So, during the photo selection, I decided to divide the whole material into two separate parts - into two posts.
First here , will show the views which I took before the sunrise moment, when the sun was still present on the sky.
Second part, which appear soon, will tell my photographic story after sunset. Hope You will like both of them.



The whole area is covered with reminings of past mining activities, from wooden debris to concrete constructions...





Here and there we can find big holes and other ground marks. I think it could be quite dangerous to walk here in the dark without good light source. Big cracks in the ground and many places where we can spot big rocks and stones are nice motives for the photos but as well, big threat when walking in the night.


The ground has all the colours = from golden yellow to black, juicy red, brown and grey... Together with green vegetation and sunset colours, creating beautifull landscapes.


Knowning that I have limited time before the sun will hide below horizon, I was walking around quite fast, looking for best motives, spots and compositions. Not all are what I wanted, but some of them I liked. I think You will see the essence of the place, the potential of colorful ground and the nice mood of golden hour time...


This is the shot which shows the last rays of the sun that day.... rest of the gallery - after sunset time - very soon! Stay tuned and I hope You liked it!


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