Re: Switzerland travel series - Part 9 - Rigi

Away to the mountains, hooray!

My goodness those are some more spectacular views! I'm getting a bit chilly looking at all of that snow (that guy in the short sleeves must be cold, haha), but it is so lovely on those mountain tops. We haven't gotten any snow this year at all, though even if we did it would look nothing like that. ;) Crazy to see that one cottage pretty much covered in snow!


Hooray!! And this weekend is finally supposed to be sunny! :) I'm not gonna miss going there again :)

I was there a few years ago in summer as well and it was so different. We had beautiful weather, everything was green, there were many flowers on the way.. but it has its charm in winter as well :) I really like seeing those lakes contrasting the white mountains, it was quite cool :)

We also don't have any snow here (1.5 hours drive from the mountains). It's 11 degrees today which is very unusual for February and I'm afraid it will start snowing in April like it did last year.. not cool..

Thank you for stopping by Katie and have a great weekend!


Yay for some sunshine! Though boo for snow in April, haha. I know by then most everyone is ready for spring to be in full swing! I think we can usually start going to pick strawberries in April, and then it is only a short while before summer hits in full force. Ah well, I try to enjoy each season for what it is. A market trip is on tap as usual for my Saturday morning adventure, so I will indeed enjoy it! Have a wonderful weekend yourself! I hope the restaurant planning continues to go well. 🤗


Hahaha, boo for snow in April! I like this one :) It used to be like this here as well. We went to pick strawberries in late April or early May but last year we had a snow storm at the end of April and there was a lot of damage to farmers so everything was kind of postponed.. sad story..

Have fun at the farmer's market! I'm sure I'll see what you got on Monday :)

These days it's not going that well as I have a wisdom tooth pain so I try to avoid planning at all because it makes me angry.. Actually everything makes me angry these days :D


Oh boo! That stinks! Anything in the mouth is awful to deal with. I hope you can get some relief soon!