Weekends are quite enjoyable days. This is the story of our weekend activities to celebrate the start of the end year on October. By camping in the pond, we continued our adventure.

With the sun beginning to shine on the earth, the beautiful morning appears bright. The crowding of a rooster can be heard coming from different parts of my neighbor's house. People began to move as the countryside appeared normal. A beautiful vacation where I can take a stroll to the pool to enjoy my time off. Our vacation trip was to visit the city of the Panton Labu. My friend picked me up at my home around noon.

This excursion was attended by six people. Our first objective was to go to one of the akikah events, and our second was to camp by the pond. We rode motorcycles through rural roads. We had to travel for approximately one and a half hours, and the weather looked cloudy during the day. We took a country road as our route. Roads are paved at some of our locations, but there are also potholes, muddy, and dusty roads at other places.

We also went by ponds owned by locals and rice fields. We also crossed the beach road, which offers a stunning view of the beach. In the meanwhile, mangroves can also be seen growing in rows around the pond. In coastal areas, this plant is easy to grow and grown widely. In addition to safeguarding the proliferation of marine ecosystems, mangrove plants also serve to protect coastal areas from wave erosion. We finally reached Panton Labu after navigating the road's various trajectories and obstacles.

We stopped at one of the shops to purchase wedding-related mementos. We continued our journey home for the wedding ceremony after purchasing souvenirs. We are greeted with warmth and offered food here. In akikah events, goat curry is one of the special menu items. We are served a variety of foods. Cakes and coffee are served as dessert while this is going on. We eat this dish with gratitude for the opportunities we have.

As soon as we finished eating, it was time for Asr, so we went to one of the mosques in this village to say the Asr prayer. The religious activities of the people who lived in this area centered around this mosque. It appears that the mosque, which is made of wood, is being renovated. We then went grocery shopping for food to bring to the pool. We will set up camp about 5 kilometers from this village in a pond. We took alternate routes after shopping, passing the pond along the way.

Even though we had to cross a wooden bridge with only a single plank for a backrest at one point, this path looks very difficult and stressful. The track's terrain, including the pond embankment's twists and turns, is enough to test the adrenaline. We finally reached the pond's location after about 15 minutes of travel. We set up camp next to the river with our tents.In the pool area, a variety of birds perch on the trees in the afternoon.

The trees appear to have become white due to the stork and other shorebirds. We are camping at the pond to have fun this weekend. We enjoy fishing and cooking here. Since there is no electricity at this location, we only used the bonfire and flashlights at night. We fished and told stories as we camped until morning. Coffee and a bonfire marked the end of the evening for us. We thoroughly enjoyed this enjoyable vacation.

I appreciate your attention and support. Happy day!

Thanks, @ponpase