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Sea side is one of the places I really like, I often invest energy consistently to travel to sea side. Ok, the beauty of the sea side that looks very relieved and the beautiful natural scenery makes our hearts feel very quiet. The sea side is a very good place for us to think and appreciate nature.

The normal view that is very beautiful from the sea side is the shade of the sea which is so blue and the waves are very surprising. The waves combined with the light breeze make the climate cooler and the spirit calmer. I visited one of the beaches in Ujong Blang, Lhokseumawe city.

Lhokseumawe city area has a very wide coastline. The sea side is one of the places for increasing ecotourism which can encourage financial development for residents around the coast. The travel industry area has made a major contribution to monetary development in the Lhokseumawe city area which can support the lives of people in the coastal area.

This sea side is called QSO sea side, one of the most beautiful sea coast with breathtaking breathtaking views. This coastline has many cottages. Every tourist can enjoy the beauty of the sea side by resting in the cottages that have been provided by the nearest residents. The cabins here provide a different food and drink menu in a tropical summer style.

The cabins are made of bamboo and have a covered roof, so this building looks very unusual for the area here. To get to this seaside area, you only need to go around for a while from downtown Lhokseumawe. From the T-junction of Sumatra, Medan – Banda Aceh, you can go to one side to Jalan Merdeka Barat, Kot Lhokseumawe.

Heading straight to the sea side of Ujong Blang which you will pass is a road that is not too wide even though it has been cut down but in some parts of the road it has been damaged. Entering the beach front area you will smell the aroma of dried anchovies and some salted fish in the sun. This is a common sight when you see some buyers and traders of salted fish on the roadside exchanging fishery products.

It seems that some salted fish drying places and their aroma will be felt and that is run from a mill in the Lhokseumawe city area. When entering this sea side you will not be charged. Appreciable free sea side bkt seems individual need to pay extra fee and different duty, you can take part in this sea side beauty as much as you want.

However, remember to pay for the food and drink costs you have incurred during your visit while visiting this side of the sea. One of the advantages of this sea side is that it looks very normal with ordinary splendor and has sand with rocks. On the coast there are also giant sized rocks that are thought to be able to withstand the waves and prevent the destruction of the sea side.

For a while, some fishing boats seem to stop on their shores today not going out to sea. This wooden boat is a conventional boat that they use to find or catch fish in the sea. Besides being able to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, when visiting this seaside you can enjoy the surrounding natural scenery and other traditional things that you get for free.

For the food and beverage line you don't have to worry because it offers very practical costs. For drinks and food around IDR 10,000 which can make you feel full and nostalgic by the sea while thinking. The splendor of the sea side with ordinary natural beauty and insight into the environment that is maintained is a very beautiful thing on that day.

That's my post about the beach, thank you for reading and supporting my post. Best regards to all!


Name QSO Beach Resort

Location Ujong Blang Beach, Lhokseumawe, Aceh

Time Evening

Photography Smartphone Iphone 11