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Hope you are always in good health and blessed, greetings to the entire team and esteemed members. This is my first post in this wonderful community. I hope you can enjoy this post.

Weekends are the time that everyone looks forward to, especially for those who are busy with work routines throughout the day. Likewise, I am busy with various learning routines, daily activities and digital activities. I took advantage of this weekend's moment to refresh by enjoying the beach atmosphere.

The beach that I visited this weekend was Ujong Blang beach, this is a beach located at the northern tip of the island of Sumatra by the sea of ​​the Malacca strait. This beach is included in one of the tourist destinations in Lhokseumawe City. As one of the cities in the title with the name Petro Dollar, as a producer of investment in the gas and oil industry.

In addition to being the center of industrial growth, the city of Lhokseumawe is also famous for a number of beautiful natural attractions. One of the most favorite tourist attractions in this city is Ujong Blang Beach. This beach offers tourist destinations with natural natural scenery and local wisdom.

On this beach there are a number of huts or stalls made by local residents as restaurants or resorts for them to sell to visitors or tourists. Cottage buildings or stalls such as gadang houses which are supported by a number of these poles are made wide enough to reach the shoreline. The stalls are erected higher using poles so they are not exposed to sea water or waves.

The huts or stalls here are generally made of wood with a roof made of thatch leaves. In this shop, there are a number of tables and chairs to serve visitors or tourists as well as a number of menu dishes. Every day, even on weekends, this beach is always crowded, both by local residents and tourists from outside the area.

On this beach we can enjoy the natural view of the beach and the Malakan Strait. At certain times we can also watch ships going in and out of the port. This location is close between two ports, namely the port owned by Pertamina and ARUN NGL. Meanwhile, at high tide, we can also see a number of boats belonging to local fishermen catching fish in the sea.

Not to forget, we can enjoy the beach atmosphere by feeling the breeze and the sound of the waves. Releasing fatigue on the beach while enjoying fresh food and drinks as a thirst quencher. At the location of the shop that I visited this time, they did not provide a lot of food, only fried potatoes and noodle dishes.

For noodle dishes, there are types of Aceh noodles and instant noodles, this time I ordered only instant noodles. Because it's rare that I don't enjoy instant noodles, so I ordered instant noodles and fresh drinks. These instant noodles are cooked using seasonings with special spices from Acehd noodle dishes with a mixture of chicken eggs.

I ordered fried noodles with egg toping, the eggs were stirred until melted and mixed in the noodle dish. The price of this noodle is sold at IDR 15 K, while the drink is cold green tea at a price of around IDR 10 K. Enjoying the beach with its beautiful charm while tasting the typical food at this cottage, besides being able to be refreshing, you can also hunt for culinary delights.

The right time to come to this beach location is when it is evening or the time is late in the afternoon. Because at that time, we also had the opportunity to see the sunset if the weather was sunny. Meanwhile, for those of you who don't want the crowds, you can visit in the morning until noon.

I really enjoyed this weekend and it was a happy moment for me this week. I can hunt for food and feel the sensation of fresh air with the breeze and the sound of the waves. The charm of nature and the sounds of nature that make the atmosphere calm and peaceful.

That's my post for this edition, I hope you get information and education. Thank you for reading and supporting my post.