#7. Hiking day - Climbing our way to the Lisca (Via Ferrata - 948m)


There are more and more Via Ferratas in Slovenia lately and me and my friends probably won't stop till we check them all :) Especially now, that more of us got the right equipment. One of the latest via ferratas is the one on Lisca mountain. It isn't a high mountain - just 948m, but it has a great new via ferrata trail. As most of the newer ones - it's easily accessible and not far away from the parking lot. Well it should be close - if we had parked right and not 3km before the actual parking lot. But at least we got our blood circulating and we were ready to take what ever they have prepared for us!


As you can see on the photo above - there are many routes to the top, but only one is declared as hard (the one with exclamation mark). It's only 40 minutes, but it is quite difficult and enjoyable at the same time. It starts immediately with a vertical "side" ladder - just to turn away any hikers that could get on this trail by accident - it should be a clear sign for them, that without safety equipment, you shouldn't do this route.


Below the ladder, we put on our equipment and start climbing.



The path turned out to be easy on some parts and very challenging on other parts. The result was a pleasant morning, a bit of muscle pain in my hands, some great views and a lot of fun!




Once at the top, the entire valley opens and there is an amazing view over the longest river in Slovenia - Sava. You can see typical use of nature's resources - extensive farming on the rivers "U-turn" because of very good soil and a lot of water nearby. If you look bellow the branches across the first hill. You can see a small town - it's Sevnica - hometown of the current first lady of the United States - Melania Trump =)



From here is only couple of meters left to reach the 2 mountain huts that are very popular among the locals. And paved road to it does not help with reducing the visitors :) Once at the hut, you can call it a day, order something to eat and drink or you can take another 5 minutes walk to reach the peak. You will recognize it by a HUGE Slovenian flag at the top of it.




On the way down, I've noticed a really nice typical Slovenian house with a really nice garden, full of flowers in front of it. It is very common to see houses like this with an extended wooden fence on the balconies.



Almost at the bottom - there is a small construction work happening on the road and we've noticed an open bulldozer, so we used it for a couple of extra shots =)



Finally - a well deserved drink and some local cuisine. This beer or radler if i am precise, is very hard to find in Slovenia. It's Croatian and it's made out of dark beer combined with lemon juice. It's really delicious - anyone with a chance should definitely try it!


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My photography equipment:
Camera: Sony a6400
Lens: Sony 18-135 F3.5-5.6 OSS

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