When She needed Help most, She was Abandoned - My Denver Travel Story - Day 2

Hello Everyone,

I have been writing my travel story of Denver Colorado road trip and today I'm happy to share my third story with new set of photographs.

In the previous posts I had written about my Day 0 at Denver airport to next Day 1 noon. and the second post was rest of the Day 1 at Rocky mountains.

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My Travel Story Day 0 - Denver Airport to Boulder CO
My Travel Story Day 1 - Boulder to Rocky Mountains


Today I will be writing about the travel story continued from Rocky mountains to the Abandoned town Cisco.

The previous post ended with the colorful fields near the Rainbow curve in Rocky mountains. Scheduled plan was to cross Rocky mountains and travel to Grand Junction to rest after Day 1. But the Rocky mountain was closed as it was snowing heavily and the climate did not show any sign of slowing down.

We were sent back down the Rock mountains and it was evening of Day 1. We had to change plans. Go back the same route we came and then head to Grand Junction( The closed Rocky Mountain roads made us travel 60 Miles Extra)

With No other go and the clouds meting down we started the longer and only available option to reach Grand Junction

It was 300 + Miles and google maps marked it 6 hrs. But the rain delayed the drive hours. We reached Grand Junction by midnight 12:15. As always I had booked the Airbnb and had communicated enough on our checking timings. The host had a great set up for us and made the checkin very easy and simple. Instructions were crisp and clear. We checked in and in no time we fell asleep.

Woke up by 7:00 AM and got ready by 9:00, it was a slow day, we met the host and exchanged greetings. The host at Grand Junction were very sweet and kind. It was a Flamingo House. Everything in their house was Pink and Flamingo themed. Bath towels, napkins, door mats, pen holder, bed blankets, pillow covers and sheets everything had it a flamingo touch. It was very loving.

We had breakfast in Grand Junction and started towards the next destination Moab, UTAH. We started on Roads of I70. There was no rain but, the clouds were full covered and had an awesome weather. The destination was 2 hrs away by road. After an hour of drive, we had planned to take the exit 214 to CISCO an abandoned town. DO NOT MISS THE EXIT 214, else you will have to drive 11 more miles to next Exit, just to come back to Cisco and state highway 128,. As soon we took the Exit, we felt the roads. These roads are the least traveled Roads. Only those who are aware of the scenic beauty of state highway 128 would take the road.

You see the distance and you are the only one in Wild plains of Colorado.
The poster photograph of Car was the spot we stopped first. we clicked a lot of photographs. Stopped our car and we went walking for a distance and came back just to experience the winds and the endless plains.

Some of the photographs I would love to share with you all today are here

A panoramic view


That Empty roads


A single mountain under the clouds


After we traveled little further we found a small town which looked like abandoned. The story of the town abandoned was very simple, as long as it was a commercial hub, it was alive and when the highway i70 was built, the commerce broke down and the town was abandoned.


Same photograph with grey shades on clouds


some more pairs of photograph to its black and white version.



An orange view of the sights where we see a trailer left on the grounds, abandoned.


KeepOut a broken shed, may be once this was the commercial center for some sales


The black and white version of the same,


I'm making a copy of black and white because of the no sun and cloudy sky makes a perfect drama photograph.

When we reached Cisco town, we could not see anyone in the town, We drove around the town and found nothing but the abandoned houses cars, post office everything.
After a while am Old could came by and stopped at us, he started explaining about his brother working in the post office building in the town. Now nothing is left of it.

I was scared to talk to someone in an abandoned land. But it went well.
Some more photographs




One more broken house and its black and whites


Dont you think the black and white looks more dramatic than color ?














We were suppose to reach Moab with in 2 hours we started from Grand Junction, but its been more than 3 hrs, we are still at Cisco. We loved the lonely place and the broken walls had the fresh paint of graffiti art.

Captured enough pictures and we decided to travel past Cisco to Moab.
The story of Cisco to Moab has more interesting photographs and the journey was an amazing experience too.

Will work on the photographs soon and bring you all the beauty and love from Colorado - Utah state highway 128 :)

Hope the post was helpful in someway, at least the vibrant and dark photographs. Have a great day :)