Delhi - A city of people with huge hearts! "दिल्ली दिलवालो की!"

Actually a mega metropolitan city which is National capital of India as well. My hometown. Here's a mood board of Delhi- to have you an initial Idea, of what you will be indulging in for next few minutes-

For the shopping sprees and wanderers.

Connaught place! It has a major history attached to British era, they build this complex but now its whole heartily Indian.

It is superb place to have economically viable as well as high end restaurants & hotels, shopping, late night parties which includes clubs, pubs and all. It is full of youth energy. Just name a brand and they would definitely have their entire store here.

Shifting the focus upon its architecture, with circular planning and the center made up of huge park which is somewhat filled with couples partially. the entire complex is painted white with broad circular columns , shopping stores on ground floors and first floor and above are usually filled with cafes and restaurants with open as well as closed sitting.

Stepping onto economically viable side, Just head towards Palika bazar, A two stored shopping hub which showcases several shops selling locally made stuff may include clothing, accessories etc.many specialties too make their home here like fire pan, walls full of mesmerizing graffiti, people shooting all around and musicians and other artists showing their talents openly during evenings.

Don't forget to visit India gate as well, it is nearby cp only and you won't regret going there.

For architecture admirers.

Actually I wanted this section to be about Pragati Maidan- which holds trade fair and since it happens only specific time in year so it won't be a viable advice for travelers.

So, Akshardham Temple is the place for all you architecture admirers, there lies various details of structure but let me tell you all that complex is a work of intricate art that exhibits flawless craftsmanship. extremely detailed basically hindu architecture style superb maintenance and assistance by the authorities.

Whether you are an atheist or a believer, that doesn't matter. just go around and have a closer look to details over there, structure wise.

Also it is the third largest Hindu temple in the world.

For peace lovers.

I am talking about "Lotus Temple". You all must be wondering that why am I mentioning temples twice? But trust me it isn't the one you are thinking about. Sometimes some places gives you such a vibe you can't resist going again.

First of all it isn't a temple for any religion or caste. It is a mediation hall with comfortable seating, one have to sit quietly and gain peace of mind, preach anyone you want or don't even preach. just relax and grasp the vibe of amazingly constructed structure in the shape of lotus with amazing garden, pools and fountain.

The Crux!

I just don't want to give specifications, but would like to share my experience,

Since there are many places to visit the citycategorizing them into three parts was hard, but trust me whatever is your mood, just go according to it because I mentioned the places according to their vibes. If you really want to indulge yourself into some peace, which I guess one cannot experience everywhere. but I have experience over Lotus temple , I did a live sketching sitting there , and just blended myself with the freshness and quietness of the place registering to the fact that plenty of people visit there.

The cp has been my go to place to hang out with friends since always, several dates with single person and many family dinners as well. It indeed is lively place to go to.

Getting things wrapped up on Akshardham, You will regret the fact of not visiting there once , just have a glance at the pictures above.

Everyone is welcomed in Delhi! And ping me up for any help, Eager to help always.

The pictures uploaded are all sourced from google, I force no claim on them.

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