Background of the Story

I have recently visited Bangalore when the initial stage of this pandemic begin. This was a trip with one of my school time friend who lived there for job purpose. The city is beautiful, but the traffic isn't. Since I came from a traffic effected city itself so encountering the same traffic wasn't blissful.

So in order to get over it, My friend and I along with her friend went out for a day trip in the outskirts of Bangalore. We drove the car all the way to the Shivasamudram falls which was extremely pretty according to internet and our friend's sources.

It was around 3 hrs journey from the city and these falls existed on hills so the network issue persisted, anyway we went there following the google map, Indeed it felt terrible to see the waterfall dried up entirely.

Curiosity to reach destination!

Being an Architect I couldn’t resist watching this incredible structure by myself, so this made us all
Being an Architect I couldn’t resist watching this incredible structure by myself, so this made us all

Anyway, we decided to visit the temple called Chennakesava Temple!

So, Disappointed, eager and with almost dying batteries of cell phone we headed towards the temple which has mesmerizing Architecture.

On our way we were mostly isolated because of nearly no human on that highway. it was evening, the nature had set a pretty scene for us I guess as I can't see any vehicle even far away. The isolation was such that we stopped at a eating junction basically to pee and also to eat and that place was completely deprived of human , just furniture lying around. just like a set of some horror movie, the doors were open so we used the loo and went straight back to our car. literally running!

As the villages were there but far settled from the highway.

This indeed wasn't peak season for tourist out there. As the temple was in our way back to the city with a different route so we picked that up.

The route slowly went isolated even of the petrol pumps, thank god that we filled up our vehicle completely before heading towards our one day adventure (As we thought of) So the route was described by google maps which I guess is incredible invention of mankind, very useful. But we drained out our batteries of the mobile phone and the slot to charge in the car was damaged already.

{Which was curse in disguise!}

Now completely deprived of maps, cell phone and humans beside us , we were horrified. The evening was turning deeper and so were our heart.

We had literally no choice so just drove as the road goes by. the route was very scenic , a straight clean highway with trees by its side.

How we went to "that" road!

We knew that mostly in hilly areas there are no street lights so that wasn't new. The time came when partition of the road began, thinking where to go we just went where we felt like. There was no water and even we had planned to have lunch in evening after reaching the temple so we were hungry even and lost hope , suddenly the slope began, it was like we are climbing up the hill whereas we had to go to the city and run down the slope according to all the logic we were left with.

I know it’s blurry, but actually we were scared, but still clicked the picture to remember the situation forever.
I know it’s blurry, but actually we were scared, but still clicked the picture to remember the situation forever.

Amid of this situation we saw a beam of light coming straight from the road and slowed down the car a little. We were scared that that can be some robber with gun or a ghost according to my friend lol.

Meeting Murthy!

But that was a south Indian guy on scooter wearing a white lungi and a white shirt. he waved to us in order to stop us. I did pulled the car by the side. he spoke Kannada, as we north Indians are not aware of the language so we decided on English , which he was a little aware of but those broken English words which went out of his mouth just soothed my heart.

Instead of all our assumption, that guy turned out to be good and on explaining our situation, he helped us to find way. He was so generous that he drove his scooter in front of our car and made us reach the temple which was around 30 minutes from that spot. and not the way we were going to, we went back at partition and took the route which was ignored the first time by us.

By seeing a village and group of people I felt so relieved that can't be explained in words. That kindness was so honest that he didn't took any money from us and showed us a little guest room for the night as we can't visit the temple after evening and being so tired we needed rest.

So, In the morning fresh as blossom, we went to the temple. Temple preached lord Vishnu. But unfortunately due to Muslim Armies invasion the idols were broken and desecrated which is why the idols were no longer preached. But this became an archaeological site due to its breathtaking architecture.

{Do have a look to the gallery of images which will describe how worth it was all the risks taken to reach this spot.}

I being an architect was so fascinated by the details of the construction. it was breathtaking I didn't loose a single opportunity to click pictures and store them with me.

But unfortunately couldn't clicked the picture of that generous man named Murthy.

This blog is dedicated to him. I hope he gets the reward of his kindness in terms of merit of karma.

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