Looking at the weather - May looks weak.

Lots of rainy days, and the worst part is that bad luck haunts us also on weekends, when we want to take advantage of free time and spend the day actively.

Last week there was a plan for a trip to the mountains ... we managed to reach only Jaworzyna , and it started to rain (5 hours before the forecasted rainfall).

This time it seemed to us that we hit the "weather window".

From the forenoon hours to the late afternoon, the Norwegian forecast predicted nice, sunny weather for our region.

Without thinking for too long, we got into the car and set off to check out areas unknown to us - the eastern part of Żywieckie Lake.

Lake Żywieckie from the east adjoins the city of Żywiec and ends at the dam in Międzybrodzie.

For years we went to the lake from the west, from the side of the dam. First of all, we have a lot closer there, there is a beach, a promenade, cafes, and secondly there were never any attractions that would drag us to the other side.

However, this changed because a bicycle/walking path and a city beach were built from the city of Żywiec. There are additional places to rest by the water, and coastal bars and cafes.

There was an opportunity to check out these attractions, so we went that way.

We can say that the weather spoils us ;)

The sun is warming, there is little traffic on the path. We explore the new place with great interest.

The path from the embankment leads sideways to the charming alley.

Based on the number of branches washed ashore the wild beach, it can be assumed that recently the water level must have been much higher.

These piles of branches remind me of piles of bones, which is why I called this place - "elephant cemetery".

Going further, we left the grove and arrived at Żywieckie Lake.

These clouds in the distance could have brought us an unpleasant surprise, but the wind was blowing west, the weather was very nice behind us, so I was hoping that the wind would remove the clouds and we could calmly continue our journey.

(front view)

(rear view)

After several minutes of further walk, on the other shore of the lake we noticed a change in weather - unfortunately it was a change for the worse.

Rain appeared above the mountains.

The wind changed direction and began to blow in our direction. At that time it was already known that there would be nothing good about it.

All we have to do is pull back.

Behind us was still the sun and beautiful weather, so I hoped that we would be able to get back to the car before the rain.

Unfortunately, this storm hit us halfway.

Fortunately, we got to the grove, which we had passed earlier and (together with a dozen or so bikers) took refuge in it, waiting for the big thing to pass.

Powerful thunder, hurricane wind, heavy rain with hail .... Trip to the lake with additional attractions :)

As soon as the storm came, she went just as quickly. After 15 minutes there was no sign of a storm.

Fortunately, nothing happened to anyone, so calmly, slowly - towards the house :)